Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, USA

Among the most popular parks in America, Yellowstone National Park holds significant position. This is a very famous national park in Wyoming which receives about 250000 visitors per month. This place was the first of its kind to be built in America which makes it historically important as well. The commons covers a total area of 2.2 million acres which makes it one of the country’s largest squares.

Yellowstone National Park colorful viewYellowstone National Park beautiful colorful view from close

The terrain the park ranges from rivers, lakes and mountains. The Yellow Lake is one of the high-altitude lakes in North America. Another thing that makes Yellowstone a popular park is the variety of wild life and geothermal features that are unique only to this region.

Beatiful waterfall at Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park waterfall

The Yellowstone Park is a heaven for nature lovers. This recreational area has a wholly intact ecosystem which contains a number of different species of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals. You can even find some of the rarest species of animals and birds on the earth in the Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park tornado in sunset

In order to protect the wild life and their natural habitat it has been made illegal to hunt in the common. But people are also given fishing license that allows them to enjoy one of the most popular attractions in the area, fishing. One of the biggest issues of concern to the visitors is the forest fire. In 1988 the one-third of the forest burnt down in what was the worst forest fire.

Animals at Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park animals

The Yellowstone National Park is the best place for a vacation if you are looking for a place where you and your kids can have fun watching the wild life in their natural habitat. Not only can you see a number of rare species of animals and plants, but there are a number of other recreational activities that you can take part in the park as well.

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park Arial view

You can take part in some of the adventure activities such as hiking, camping, fishing and boating. Although the national park is covered in snow in winter but you can access the common with snow mobiles and snow coaches. The Yellowstone National Park is the perfect location for a weekend trip with friends and family.

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park animals

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park Arial viewYellowstone National ParkWyoming, USA

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone waterfall


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