Winterthur A City In The Canton Of Zürich

Traveling in Switzerland is an amazing time which you can see a fresh natural environment. Every glance there is only comfortable shade overview. The houses are well structured and the forest is quite beautiful decored by many colorful flowers just like a step way to the fairy world. The city itself has more than 100.000 inhabitants and precisely located at the Greater Zurich Area. One simple reason that Winterthur is recommended as one best city to explore is that become the sixth largest city in Switzerland. If you look it thoroughly, having a day here is suitable for photographing. A romantic atmosphere of the city environment able to bring visitor flash back to his sweet memory. Moreover when you see its lake with fresh water, an old brick bridge, and some traditional houses in certain area. Furthermore all is completely good for the natural scenery.

Winterthur (3)Winterthur A City In The Canton Of Zürich

ZürichThat all about the beauty outside around the city. While inside the city, Winterthur has another romantic nuance in form of modern offers. As the theme, this city also has high quality art and highlight. Some of those arts are like painting exhibition which has include strong realistic art to the art center with cute arts painting. Beside about painting, this city also famous with its photography’s which about fascinating classical and contemporary photography’s. If you are lucky, you may find some attractive fame events here. Those are like Diner Spectacle Clown & Caories which has combination between impressive clown and culiners, the festival of short film (International Short Film Winterthur), St, Alban festival about Europe’s largest annual city festival, Carnival which always beckons a great number of spectator of allays of the Old Town, and still another left.

Winterthur (10)

Winterthur (4)Winterthur museum stairs

Winterthur (11)Winterthur houses

It doesn’t lack of delicious foods, it also has good restaurants. They serves various food start from the regional product with a delicious wine to the popular classic as well as trendy dishes from around the world. Various places also available which you can choose whether it may simple imposing frame house, hotel restaurant, luxurious restaurant, until the Mediterranean atmosphere in the city. It is not far different of luxury and simple style from the restaurants, the hotels and another staying places there also give comfortable nuance for everyone.

Winterthur (5)Winterthur city roads

Winterthur (6)Winterthur Aerial view

Winterthur (2)Winterthur waterfall

Winterthur (7)Winterthur beautiful mountains

Winterthur (1)Winterthur subway


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