When To Visit Northern Thailand

When To Visit Northern Thailand

If you are planning a trip to Thailand then you should read this article till the end.

Thailand is a very tourist enriched country; About 35 million people visit Thailand every year from all over the world. Thailand is located in southern Asia it is famous for its temples, its festivals, food and fascinating beaches.

Another factor why people consider visiting Thailand because of its economical visits, at an average a 2-3 week trip to Thailand will cost you about $1500-1700 Dollars which makes about $80 USD per day, which is considered to be economical as compared to other places in the world.

Now a lot of our clients ask us what is the best time to visit Northern Thailand or when we they should visit Northern Thailand?

Well.. There it depends on your interest, you can visit Thailand throughout the year but you have to ask yourself whether you like trekking, water sports, sightseeing, cycling, or cultural experience?

We are going to discuss some pros and cons of visiting Northern Thailand in winter or in summers.

Visit Northern Thailand in winters

Visit Northern Thailand in winters

Why visit northern Thailand during the winter season?

Honestly we couldn’t come up with many cons as we discussed earlier it is depends on your interest, what attracts you the most, winter season starts in November and ends through February or March.

The weather remains perfect throughout this season, November to March is the peak season of tourists in Northern Thailand it’s because the cool weather in the region.

You will find sunny days, clear skies and cool breezes. One of the biggest con of visiting Thailand in cold weather is that the prices are higher here in this season, you will have to pay higher prices in accommodation and traveling.

The weather is ideal for trekking, walking, cycling or jogging, normally couples prefer walk on the beach or sit down by the water waves and enoy.

Water Skiing Thailand

Scuba Diving in Thailand

Rafting in Thailand

In sunny day the water is warm enough so that you can enjoy water sports such as:

  • Scuba Diving.
  • Banana Boat.
  • Jet Skiing.
  • Wakeboarding.
  • Sailing.
  • Kite Surfing.
  • Windsurfing.
  • Snorkeling.

By the end of the peak season in Feb the water level may be dropped due to shortage of rain and some of the water sports you cannot fully enjoy such as water rafting and river.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand cultural events


In November the very famous festival takes places called “Loi Krathong” the festival lasts for a few days. This year the date for the festival is Wednesday 13 November, 2019.

Now the question arises here, what is the meaning of Loi Krathong? The term Krathong refers to a banana stem decorated with flowers, candle, banana leaves, and incense sticks.

Rice harvesting

Rice Harvesting season:

In this season the rice is being harvested by late November. Every day the local farmers go their fields sickles to harvest the rice crop finally.

mountains in Northern Thailand (1)Visiting Mountains:

Hiking or trekking on the mountains can be challenging in winters, as you to the height the weather gets colder and colder. The highest peak in Northern Thailand is “Doi Inthanon” it is 2565 meters above sea level. The temperate here at nighttime is 0 degrees Celsius.

When To Visit Northern Thailand (4)Reasons For Visiting Northern Thailand During In Summers?

As we have already discussed in the previous section of this article that weather it is summer weather or winters, both have its pros and cons and it is totally depends on your preferences that what attracts you more.

After winters there comes straight hot weather, the summers starts in March and ends in start of by the end of May. The biggest con of hot weather is that there is not much rain and it is the hottest time in Northern Thailand. The weather starts to get a little bit stable in April as the rains finally starts and continues till May. The second biggest cons of this season are that the hill tribes start to burn their crops so that they could prepare the fields ready for the next crop. This makes the weather to become even hotter than it already is, this period lasts for almost two weeks, the visibility is also poor because of the fire and smoke, as a safety precaution it is suggested that you wear masks and glasses. It is the worst time to visit for Asthma patient or any sort of breathing related issues.

Other factor to consider while travelling to Thailand in hot weather is to use proper hats, winter clothing and use sun block to avoid any possible sun burns, wear good sunglasses.

Now we come to some of the pros, one of the biggest advantage of visiting Thai during hot seasonis that you get to see all the famous festival during this season.

The famous Songkran festival takes place in April. It last for three to four days. Here some of the religious activities also involved  such as personal cleansing (bathing),  Buddha washing , home cleaning, and here comes the most fun part three days of morning to evening water fights.

rain in thailandWhy Visit Northern Thailand During Rainy or Monsoon Season?

In northern area the rainy season remains from May to November and continues till the monsoon, monsoon in north is the heaviest rainy season.

It is a good season to visit Thailand overall, landscape is full of greenery, weather changes after the rain. Now here is one of the important tip to consider in visiting Thailand in rainy season, don’t forget to wear your rain coats or umbrellas, moreover while going to a trek or walk in this season make sure you wear water proof shoes or at least those shoes which prevents water to enter in your shoe.


We think we have covered all the important aspects of the topic: When To Visit Northern Thailand.

We can conclude from the above discussion that you can visit Northen Thailand anytime of the year but the best time is best time to travel is in winter and dry season which is between November and early April.

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