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Tower Bridge History

Tower Bridge London is a very known and famous place in the world. Its significance is very immense in the history of London, UK. People come to all over the world to see this fascinating place. Tower Bridge located on the river Thames of London, the overpass was constructed back in 1894 since than it is enlisted as the best well known bridges in London.  It is also often recognized as the London Bridge which is very famous; it has been featured in many Hollywood movies.

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Tower Bridge night view

The London Bridge need was arised back in 1876 when there was huge population growth in London and due to this the streets were getting really crowdy, people were facing very difficulties in passing by. The plan was devised and it took about eight years from plan to actual construction.

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Tower Bridge – London Bridge UK

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London Bridge gates

This design was given to the one of the greatest architect in the world named, Horace Jones and John Wolfe Barry. The overhead was completed in year 1894. The construction team comprises of about 450 workers and five contractors. The bridge is about 265 meter long, at the start there were a lot of controversial theories in the air, people were reluctant to accept the bridge design but by the time it completed people liked it and now it is one of the most popular symbol for London.

Some interesting facts:

  • It was in initially in red, white and blue color back in 1977, it was due to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations.
  • After 1919 it was opened to public in 1982, along with the public exhibition called Tower Bridge Exhibition.
  • In 1994 it was available on lease for parties/ceremonies.
  • About 11,000 tons of iron was consumed in the construction process.


Looked after by Bridge House Estates
Structural Design Bascule bridge,
 Deferment bridge
Total extent 801 ft
Longest distance 200 ft

Tower Bridge (6)Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge (2)Tower Bridge inside view rare picture

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Tower Bridge (4)Tower Bridge night view

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