Times Square, Midtown Manhattan, New York City

Times Square Overview

Times Square is a place where you will find a real joy of life together with your partner and group. A best area to share a smile each other. It is the most bustling square of New York that get many visitor are driving. So many Broadway theater, cinemas and billboards spread over the area. The most amazing time to come there is night because you will see many various lights decode the city. Number of entertainments and attractions available for every people start from music rows, venues and clubs, attractions, music, comedy & other events.  

Times Square (1)Times Square city center

Times Square (6)Times Square McDonald

The most famous thing here is about its Broadway which include some shows and theaters. Even visitors can also make a deal for private wishes, as follows Valentine’s Day in this place, Wedding and Honeymoon Deals, Broadway Deals, 12 Past 12 Deals and another.

Times Square at nightTimes Square at night

Times Square (3)

It is perfect when you have a day in the square because they provides many fun sources in form of events. Just like spending a new year night here which become more than only a celebration. Whenever you come in February, so you get lucky since it time for romantic Valentines Event where a fun games held to celebrate that special day. Another is like Taste for place, the outdoor food and music festival featured with international flavors from top restaurants. Does it very interesting idea to have vacation here? From those all, the most romantic event ever here is what said as Times Square Kiss-in where plenty couple of all visitor come to kiss their partner as victory of World War II celebration.

Times Square (8)Times Square Cabs

Times Square (4)Times Square city lights

Shopping time here also become one of most visitors destinations to get many branded  fashion items. they will find some like Forever 21, American Eagle, Disney, Levi’s Billabong, Quicksilver and MAC. For women, they can find make up tools like Sephora, MAC, L’Occitane, Inglot and so on. After satisfying of buying those fashion items, the next good plan is tasting many international cuisines that variously available. There restaurants here have number of professional chefs who showcase their finest fares. And the goal after doing all busy things is choose which one best hotel suitable for you.

Times Square (2)Times Square, Midtown Manhattan, New York City

TS New York
Times Square (5)Times Square passengers crossing area

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