Thailand Beaches Are One Of The Best Beaches In The World

Thailand is one of the most Asia beauty landscape that suitable to be visited. Not only for its beauty culture which is fulled with golden colour, but also the natural enviroments. One make itmore interest is for the beaches that is famous for its magnificent view. When you have change of visiting this elephant country, make sure you see some of beautiful beaches there.Thailand Beache But if you haven’t, these is the information of best chioce of Thailand beaches as follows;

1) a bay on Andaman Sea that offers abundant oportunities for kicking back, which is best done, is called Phulay Bay.Phulay Bay Beach

2) a stunning bay with an expanse of placid water almost completely sorrounding by a ring of linestonen cliffs is Maya Bay. The the fresh blue water and white sand beach with a paradise looks by the nartures there.Maya Bay

3) Koh Lipe beach, or in another name as “The Perfect Beach” on National Geographic Traveler “Best of the World 2012” list. It well features at least two prime beaches (sunrise and pattaya) and coral feers that part of the Tarutao National Marine Park.Koh Lipe Island

4)Known worldwide for its nightlife, Patong Beach is te most famouse one 3-5 kilometers from Phuket region. In addition to sun and sand offers pretty much anything a reveler colud want, from pubs to discoutheques and go go bars.Patong Beach

5) Railay Bay sets on a narrow peninsula near the town of Krabi. The beaches on both east and west are cut off by the step limestoe cliffs that provide a true challange to rock climbers that come here from around the world.Railay Bay Thailand

6) this spectacular one is calles James Bond Beach beacuse the island gained fame in the 1974 Bond flick, The Man with the Golden Gun, which starred Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. While its main view is just a limestone spire in the middle of Pang Nga Bay.James Bond Beach

7)One of Phuket’s most popular spot is Kata Beach, which offers a more relaxing alternative to the Hustle and Butle of Pathong. There provide ample oppotunities to sip a cool drink, a massage and just soak up the sun on a reclining lounger.Kata Beach

8) While Mosquito Island may be less than desirable, its view, especially at sunset are pretty much incomparable.Mosquito Beach

9) now one of the most popular stops for sun seeker in Thailand is Ko Phi Phi Don. It is an island with no roads people travel from place to place via long tailed boat. There features an interesting cultural mix.Ko Phi Phi Don

10) Kao Yao Noi is named one of “Thailand’ last unspoiled island” by London’s The Guradian Newspaper. This small spot in the Andamen Sea offers opportunities a work up a sweet on a rental bike. Kao Yao Noi Thailand

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