Stanley Park, A Public Park In Vancouver, Canada

Stanley Park Complete Guide

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s first most beloved urban recreational area. This park is very large and even designated as historic site of Canada. A magnificent green oasis spread over the area which is built-in the midst of Vancouver urban landscape. everywhere e is fulled with green and shade overview. A tidy arrangement of the parkland adds with simple route allow visitor happily walking or cycling along the area.

Stanley Park (6)Stanley Park view from Air

Stanley Park (3)Stanley Park lake

Because of the fresh air, which total clean and pure, many of them use this place as exercise. When you get there, you will see many simple activities that people usually did. Even some of also utilize the beauty spot of Stanley Park to photographing which most include proceeding photo, a super model photo, or even just for them self.

Stanley Park (8)Stanley Park lake

Stanley Park (10)Stanley Park tourist enjoying their holiday

The total area spread over the whole region which good to explore for its beauty view is approximately 400 hectare of natural West Coast rain forest.  Visitor can enjoy the scenic view of the water, amazing mountains, sunny blue sky, majestic trees. All is wonderful and full of relax and piece. Suitable for family recreation or simple hang out place for young man. Try to trace the trail, and find beautiful beaches, local wild life, many great eats, impressing cultural and historical landmark, along with many other adventures. You can only get fun there,  easy to reach since just minutes from the downtown of Vancouver’s West End, so you can choose best idea to get there whether it may by walk, bike, take transit or drive. When you already inside, there also some options available to have tour in the ground, for example a horse dawn carriage tour, a shuttle in summer month only, and a bus tour.

Vancouver, Canada parkStanley Park totems

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Another things to do in Stanley Park’s land are like visiting the area playground which special area for children, Stanley Park picnic area which you can get all you need for picnic only if you make a reservation, a tennis court here adds one of visitor sport alternative. So how about the water play? Yes, there are still delight play in water which include trying Stanley Park Water Park, Second Beach Pool which has fresh heated water, Second Beach located near the picnic area, and The Third Beach that is a great sport for quite bathing.

Stanley totemsStanley Park totems

Stanley Park map
Stanley Park (7)Stanley Park jogging area

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