St Martin An Island In The Northeast Caribbean

This island is a small paradise with a mixtures of two cultures and food so French and Dutch estate. It will attract you at your first site with awesome green hills, lovely sun beaches, monument buildings, duty-free shopping and world-class dining with clubs and Casinos as well.

St Martin (1)St Martin houses

St Martin (6)St Martin entire area

In the Caribbean Sea it is located at longitude 63.07 and latitude 18.02.The Whole Island covers area about 37 square miles, from north which contains French St Martin it covers 21 square miles, from south which is Dutch site it covers 21 square miles. This island is small but it is separated by two governments. In French language it is called St Marin and in Dutch site it is called St Marten. The capital of Dutch St Marten is Philipsburg and Margot is the capital of French site. For language concerned in both the states English is spoken but their official language is different. You can hear Italian, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, Papiamento and other languages you can hear as well and on French side there official language is Creole Patios. There climate over year is sunny and warm with combination of some cool winds. You can visit it easily.

St Martin (2)St Martin beach water

St Martin (7)St Martin hotel pool

There are so many attraction places in St Martin. You can do many things there. If you love tennis sports, which is an awesome game so American tennis academy is there. It is situated on the French site. They will give you all facilities with training as well. For every level they will give you training. Another attraction is a mullet bay which is a beautiful beach, which is the amazing water in the world. Its water is calm. It is so much beautiful that you don’t want to go anywhere. For making more beautiful they have adjacent the golf course. Besides that there is Hollywood casino as well, which is totally entertainment place.

St Martin (4)St Martin airport

Over all in this small island there are so many attraction places which you can’t be count. Besides that it has two small governments which are totally different and interesting as well. This island is full of adventures and excitement.

St Martin (3)St Martin island

St Martin mapSt Martin map

St Martin (5)St Martin Island beach

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