Southwest Airlines, Dallas, Texas – USA

Southwest Airlines Overview

Airlines are used for going one place to another by plane. There are so many airlines which give you all facilities but in this article we will talk about southwest airlines. This is one the US airline with a very low cost in the world. It headquarter is in Della, this airline was came into being in year 1967 and give this name in year 1971.

Southwest AirlinesSouth west Airlines logo

People love this airline due to its five reasons. One of the major reasons is that in this world, south west allows passengers to change or cancel flight at any point or at any situation without any cost. Sometime it happens that any situation arrive that you have to delayed your flight; this flight will give you this facility. Another facility of this airline is online checking which is very useful.

seating arrangement at Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines interior seating arrangement

Check in time always varies by airport but this airline suggests you arriving time before 60 to 90 minutes of your flight that sounds very interesting. It is very comfortable for aged people they can easily check in by this airline website.

Southwest AirlinesSW, arilines Dallas, Texas – USA

 Another facility is their baggage allowance. You can carry one item which includes laptop, purse or briefcase. It will be fit under your seat or over head which will easily make your comfortable. In checking two bags are free. It means without any cost. It sounds so much awesome but bag should not larger than 62 inch. It is very easily affordable for the people. Those who don’t want to carry 3 or 4 bags; it is very helpful for them. Bags fees will be charged between 51 to 70 lbs for $50 and for bags weigh between 71 to 100 lbs for $ 100 extra.

Southwest Airlines logoSouthwest Airlines at the Dallas Airport USA

Passenger changing detail is also provided by online or by the reservation center. For child fares, not so much charge for that. Under two years of age, infant they can travel free although from year 2 to 11 ages they have their child fares.

Southwest Airlines crashedSouthwest Airlines crash site

Child fares you can’t book online, you have to book for reservation center. This airline also accepts pets as well especially cats and dogs because it can easily fit under in front of their passenger.

Over this entire airline is suited for all classes of person either rich or poor.

Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines official logo

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Southwest Airlines taking turn in the airSouthwest Airlines turning snap in the clouds

Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines colors

Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines mission statement

Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines in air snaps


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