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It is situated in south of Mersa Matruh. It is the northern west desert. Surrounding on all it contains a craggy desert, till 1980s it was very difficult to reach the town but when a surface road built, then it is very easy to reached. Now Siwa has changed from 20 years and now it becoming a tourist destination especially for desert trekking. Most of their roads are strip and the tallest building it contains, 4 stories. Very important it contains a very less tourist hassle. Its center is Shali. Siwa’s main square is situated at the foot of their hill, where all restaurants and shops are situated.

Siwa Oasis (7)Siwa Oasis Egypt

Siwa Oasis (3)Siwa Oasis houses

In Siwa you have many things to do. It is not so much up to the mark state but there are many things to see. One of the thing which you should see its sand sea which is an amazing desert. It is the best place to see. It contains a superb sunset with a great lake and a great place for your adventure. There sea is like a play ground where you able to swim as well with a guide. You can do sand surfing as well. Before that we can’t even thought about sand surfing.

Siwa Oasis (2)Siwa Oasis ruins

Another interesting thing to see is Shali fortress. It is a small wonder; it is total made of mud. It just resemble like a melted city. From top of Shali its landscape is wonderful. When you go around you will their old masjid near to the well where you can make your ablution. Beside some families are living in Shali and some foreigners have bought their houses and redone them nicely. Another interesting thing is Fantasy Island. It is surrounded by a palm tree with isolated water.

Siwa Oasis (4)Siwa Oasis river

For swimming and sun bathing this island is famous. It is a very wonderful place to relax. It is perfect place to see the sunset and you will stun when you see a beautiful island is hidden behind a forest.

Over all it is a very wonderful and awesome place to visit. You enjoy your time with your family or friends.

Siwa Oasis mapSiwa Oasis map

Siwa Oasis (1)Siwa Oasis ruins

Siwa Oasis (6)Siwa Oasis view from top

Siwa Oasis (5)Siwa Oasis pictures


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