Santorini Greece a Perfect Island Escape Full Of Charming Features

Greece is a beautiful country and has many inspiring destinations fit for spending a family vacation, honeymoon or a romantic getaway. The island of Santorini is one of the many tourist attractions the country has to offer. This small island dates back to the Bronze Age and has always been a favorite destination for vacations for people of the area. Santorini Greece

There is much to do in the Santorini Island. The dazzling white buildings and quaint picturesque villages are a great place to stay on a honeymoon. But all islands are popular for their beaches and same is the case with the Santorini Island. There are numerous beaches on Santorini and this article describes some of them.Santorini Greece Beautiful

Kamari Santorini Beach: This beach happens to be among the most visited beaches of the island. The Kamari beach is always crowded with tourists and local people. This beach stretches to a length of 5km. The dark sand, the crystal clear water and the abundance of hotels, cafes and water sports facilities makes this beach a perfect location to enjoy a family picnic or a day at beach.Kamari Santorini Beach

Monolithos Beach: The Monolithos Beach is located at small distance from the Kamari Beach. The beach is characterized with the dark sand that is common among the beaches of the Santorini Island. Unlike some other popular beaches, this beach is very quiet with only a few hotels and resorts making it an ideal location for spending some quality time with family and friends without worrying about the crowds. Moreover there are facilities to keep you occupied including basketball courts, play area for children etc., so there is no chance of you and your family getting bored.Monolithos Beach

Perissa Santorini Beach: The Perissa Beach is another popular black beach located on the island of Santorini. This beach is located only a few miles out of the town of Fira. The sandy beach is a favorite destination of many tourists and people can be seen lounging around on the beach soaking in the sunlight or swimming in the clear waters. The beach also offers many facilities to attract tourists including the water sports centers, fine dining and bars.Perissa SantoriniBeach
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