Santa Barbara A City In The US State Of California

Santa Barbara is a city located in US state of California. It is located at the south-facing section of coastline. The city is lying between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains. When we consider the weather of Santa Barbara, it is described as the Mediterranean. The city is often called as the ‘American Riveria’. The city is having a population of 88,410 and hence it’s a second largest city in the country.

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It is a very popular tourist destination, the economy of the city adds the large service sector, technology, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, health care, education etc. The best universities in the town are Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, Antioch University, University of California, Westmont College and Brooks Institute of Photography.

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There are many numerable art venues which includes the 2000 seat Arlington Theatre. Arlington Theatre is the largest indoor performance venue in the city which also serves the place for the SB International Film Festival. The Lobero Theatre is another historic building which is also the venue for many concerts. Similarly the Granada Theatre which is like the tallest building downtown. Similarly the Bowl is used for outdoor concerts which is a great scenery.

Santa Barbara (3)The city is known for its classical music lovers having a symphony orchestra. The Music Academy of the West is situated in Montecito which host many music festival every summer each year. These types of concerts grabs the attention of many citizens and students.

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Santa Barbara is one of the best tourist destination which is popular for its great weather, Spanish architecture and downtown beaches. More than one billion dollars come from the local economy which also includes the $80 million tax. Mission Santa Barbara, “The Queen of the Missions” is situated on a rise which is nearly three kilometre. This place is also used as a national historic landmark, a place of worship and a sightseeing stop. The Presidio of Santa Barbara is a Spanish military installation. The County Courthouse is a red tiled Spanish structure. Flower Girls and Las senoritas are another reason for popularity and attraction of Fiesta.

The annual festival takes place usually in July. It is the largest festival of French in the western United States.

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