Rocky Mountains – Western North America, USA

The well known and very famous “Rocky Mountains”, or more commonly they are also known as the Rockies, are a very major mountain range that dots the western part of the North America.  These mounts stretch about more than 3000 miles (in other units this measurement becomes 4830 kilo meters) and span from the extreme northern part of British Columbia, Canada to the New Mexico that is a city of United States of America. These piles are more discrete from the Pacific Coast Ranges and other west lying ranges like Cascade and Sierra Nevada range in the North American Cordillera region.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains  – Banff National Park view

 The weather on the Rocky mountain is subjected to rapid changes but in various highlands the weather changes as the altitude increases. Generally the Rocky mounts offer the mild summer and very cold winter along with a good amount of precipitation.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountain beautiful mountains covered with snow

 These cliffs are the currently well covered by the public parks and forest lands and is a very well known and famous tourist attraction spot. This is ideal for various fun filled activities like hiking, mountaineering, camping, hunting, fishing, biking, skiing and snowboarding.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains Arial view

 The best thing about these cliffs is that all the areas and spots on these mountains are very beautiful and attract millions of tourists each year. The language of the local people in these natural elevations are basically English but at some areas people are more inclined towards the Spanish and home grown languages.  Another language that is common among the people in this area is French and is mostly famous in Canadian national parks. These sites and parks attract the people from all over the world, who indulge themselves in the activities like hiking, camping and numerous other mountain sports.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains a truly paradise on earth

These Rocky Mountains give the activities that are a perfect combination of fun and adventure.  In summers the main attractions in these mountains are the Pikes Peak, Royal Gorge and Rocky Mountain National Park in United States of America and in Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Yoho National Park in Canada.

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains covered in snow

In the season of winter these mounts serve as the perfect spot for skiing and other related activities. These mounts are dotted with numerous ski resorts that provide very satisfying services to the people who go there to have a good time.

 Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains map

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains lake stunning view

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains a farm house barn behind it there are beautiful snowy mountains

Rocky MountainsRocky Mountains blue water lake

Rocky Mountains snowRocky Mountains banff lake

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