11 Good Reasons to Visit Thailand

During the busy life with hectic routine of today’s life that is on fast forward, we need to take a break every now and then. Like, during a long race, we become all the more energetic with even a little break. The tourism, sightseeing and travelling is a good way to help us to break this routine and get revived. The people are almost drained up due to their 9-5 jobs and busy weekend planning the week ahead. They seldom find a chance to take rest, relax. Their minds are preoccupied. To break this vicious circle they need to get out and travel to some far off lands to revive their rejuvenate mind and souls.

This trend has taken popularity during last few decades. Now the people tend to earn not for the sake of saving for tomorrow, they tend to earn to spend on the activities they love. They like to spend on eating, buying things of their choice and travelling most of the time.

Tourism has become all the more important and profit generating industry for any country. Many countries are solely relying on tourism as income generating activity. Tourism plays an important part in portraying positive image of any country to the outside world. This cross cultural activity bridges the gaps between countries. It also plays an important part in business and the countries can make use of each other’s’ resources. That is why, now we have fruits, vegetables and all kind of products available around the globe.

While planning our holidays, there are a lot of scenarios to be kept in mind.

When we plan to travel, first of all we have to decide about the destination we want to travel to.

First, we short list the requirements that we want to be the best during our excursion.

Reasons to Visit Thailand:

  • Food
  • People
  • Cost of Travel
  • Weather condition
  • Cultural Events.
  • The beaches
  • Best Choice for backpackers
  • Adventures
  • The Markets
  • The festivals
  • History

Now, we make an assessment of Thailand regarding all these.

Thailand food

Thai Food presents a lot of variety of delicious food. Everyone can find a food of his/her choice no matter if he is a vegetarian, meat lover or sea food lover.Must try dishes include Tom Yum Goong, a bright red, spicy shrimp soup prepared using lemongrass; Pad Thai, Which consists of rice noodles, stir fried with eggs, tofu, tamarind pulp, fish saus and seafood: Som Tam, a salad made by using unripe papaya, palm sugar, hot chili saus, savory fish saus and sour lime.Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand People


Then, Thai people are so lovingly simple and cooperative. They welcome you with open Arms and make an all-out effort to make your stay enjoyable. You must have heard of famous Thai smile and Thai wai. This is a big part of their culture. They are in general, some of the politest and most well-manneredpeople of the world.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand Visit CostCost of Travel:

Then, a lot of travelling options are available to you from luxurious to cheap and very cheap. You can chose according to your convenience and affordability.


Weather Condition:Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand weather

So the question arises, When to visit to Thailand? The weather conditions of Thailand is almost always favorable. Thailand has three major seasons. Dry season has a wide inflow of tourists as the temperature almost never crosses 90 degrees in this area. During hot weather, people rush towards beaches that are found on the coastline of Thailand. In monsoon, Bangkok and Northern Thailand is favorite destination for the tourists from all over the world.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand cultural events

Reasons to Visit Thailand

Cultural Events:

Thais never miss a chance to celebrate cultural events just to breathe a sigh of relief from their 9-5 Jobs. Their Festivals mostly are derived from Religion and are celebrated according to Lunar Calendar. These festivals are so enchanting that many travelers plan their holidays according to these festivals

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand beachesThe Beaches:

Thailand is one of very few countries that have a 1500 long coastline. This has resulted in a wide variety of dreamy beaches, which obviously is a tourist attraction. Some of these beaches include Freedom Beach in Phuket and Sunset Beach on the island of Koh Kradan.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand backpackersBest Choice for backpackers:

There is a wide variety of people visiting Thailand. Recently, the number of Backpackers have increased to a great extent. They come here with all their luggage packed in their Backpacks. They go for the low cost boarding, lodging and travelling facility. There are a lot many hostels to accommodate these backpackers all around the country to make their stay enjoyable.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand adventures

Reasons to Visit Thailand


Due to a wide variety in terrain, Thailand is one among the many countries known for its adventurous Excursions. Tourist can Visit Elephant sanctuaries,can go for white water Rafting, do the trail trekking, surfing and much more.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand marketsThe Markets:

The Markets are very attractive place for tourists and travelers. Thailand Have Markets like no other Country has. Some Markets are dedicated to street eats, some to second hand items. Some markets are full of antiques which tourists like to buy as a gift and a souvenir of their trip to Thailand. The Damnoen Saduak Floating market was used to be a market for locals but now have become a major tourist attraction.

Reasons to Visit Thailand - Thailand festivals
The Festivals:

Thai festivals are unique of its kind. These people never miss a chance to celebrate an event. Their festivals are a great attraction for visitors from all over the world.One of the most important Thai Festivals is The Light Festival held on the full moon night in November Every Year. It is celebrated countrywide by releasing lotus shaped baskets decorated with candles and flowers into the rivers. Chiang Mai and Bangkok are the best places to celebrate this festival while visiting Thailand.

Thailand Beach

Reasons to Visit Thailand


Thailand has a rich history and cultural heritage. Though, many cities have been modernized, but still visitor have bits and pieces of Thailand’s ancient culture and history. History of Thailand is a bit long and complex. It dates back to some 20000 years ago. About 95 percent of the population follows Buddhist Religion.

All of above discussion shows that Thailand is a good choice for it.

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