Rarotonga Is Another Precious Gem In The World

Rarotonga is another precious gem in the world. It is an island that located in Cook Islands and it is the most densely inhabited island. Rarotonga is a most attractive island that always visited by tourists as one of their main favorite destination.Rarotonga

Rarotonga Island beautifully surrounded by some of eroded volcanic and plant life. Stroll the island through some accesses roads – some are paved road – to the valleys there. Alongside the road you can see fruits plantations such as pinnacles, coconut trees, bananas, pineapples and more excellent tropical frame as far as you go.Those floras are surrounded by beautiful blue lagoon with shiny white sand. The sea is decorated by palm trees and stunning coral reefs with the sound of crashing waves. Join the fisherman and feel the warm and relaxing weather on the lagoon. In fact, besides the Rarotonga rainforest and other flourishing flora, Rarotonga is very entertaining with its water activities.Rarotonga Island

Most visitors will do snorkeling to explore the beautiful reefs, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, trawling, paddling and bone fishing, or they just simple stand on the water just to play around to get wet. The place is really stress free and a good place to escape from your busy days. Especially for sailing, you can rent a glass-bottomed boat so that you freely enjoy the living creatures under the sea.Rarotonga Island

Rarotonga BeachVisiting Rarotonga is not only about the lagoon or its flora and fauna, but also you must enjoy the tradition and culture there. Experience their traditional music style. It is called Ukulele that made from coconut shells. Join and dance with them and swing your body following their drumbeat that plays very fast.Rarotonga People

Besides, you can have the Rarotonga’s traditional handcrafts and arts such painting, goldmine and carving to be with you before leaving the island.Rarotonga Airport Rarotonga Beach Bungalows  Rarotonga Cook Island

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