Phnom Penh The Capital And Largest City Of Cambodia

Phnom Penh is a capital city of Cambodia. Most of you haven’t heard this name. There are so many countries, even we don’t know their names as well but they are serving their work towards their nation. This country is a center of diplomacy, security, economics, politics and heritage. This city is situated in the south central region. One of very important thing is that, in their flag you can view a picture of building. It is the only national flag has.

Phnom Penh (1)Phnom Penh Aerial view

Phnom Penh (2)Phnom Penh houses

Another very interesting thing about Phnom Penh is that whenever the new government arrives they change their name like during republic years it was said Khmer Republic, under Khmer Rouge it was called democratic Kampuchea and when it was under the leftist group it was called People’s Republic of Kampuchea and now recently for new government it is said Kingdom of Cambodia. In the history it is said during period of Khmer Rouge one fifth population Cambodia was killed. The killed people were the most educated people like monks and priests. It was because the leader of Khmer Rouge who was Pol Pot wanted that all people who were educated should be killed so nobody would be opposing their rule.

Phnom Penh (6)Phnom Penh buildings view from plane

Phnom Penh (3)Phnom Penh market

Currently about their population half of Cambodia is younger than 15 years. Another important thing is that there is no tradition of celebrating their birthdays. In the world it contains highest erosion rate. It has lost 25,000 square kilometers of forest during period of 1990 and 2005. Their economy is increased due to transportation, tourism and towards investment in overall country. Their growth on economic for other things as well, like road, railways and air way. In tourism 950,000 people visit per year and become a very good work for economy.

Phnom Penh (8)Phnom Penh market parking area

If you are visiting this city so you should know about its climate. From December to May its dry season and from June to November it contains rainy season.

Phnom Penh (4)Phnom Penh buildings

Over all it is a very wonderful place to visit, yeah of course it is not so much famous but you should see their culture people and their things to see.

Phnom Penh (7)Phnom Penh map

Phnom Penh (5)Phnom Penh pictures


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