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For culinary fans, in particular Japanese food and Sushi lovers,  Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant is very familiar. However, not many people know the history of the founder of the restaurant itself. The name of the restaurant actually was taken from the founder Nobuyuki Matsuhisa from Saitama, Japan.

Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant is well-known for its Sushi.  The restaurant that has branches in Ney York, London, Milan and some other big cities in the world always looks crowded by visitors as well as some celebrities. As a result, Nobuyuki becomes most famous chef in the world.

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Nobuyuki or usually called Nobu was working at Sushi saloon in Tokyo.  He was 17 at that time.  However, he starts to make Sushi when he was 20.  4 years after, he leaved his country and open his own restaurant in Peru than moved to Argentina, Alaska and finally in America.  He gained a lot of experiences and skills.

In America, Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant gains a good feedback from the customers. One of them is the actor Robert de Niro who later becomes his partner in Nobu’s business.

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Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant (6)The saloon offers several menus for lunch, dinner, a la carte menu and special dishes and like other restaurant, it handles private event reservation.  The staffs will arrange the place nicely such as they will draw the curtain to keep the situation more private and setting the table comfortably for the guests.  Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant has two types of Lunch and Dinner Menu which they call Cold Dishes and Hot Dishes.

Today, the saloon has about 24 branches operate worldwide.  It is better to have your reservation prior to your arrival as it is not easy to find any empty tables in Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant.

The decoration of the dinning room mainly is Japanese style with the combination with modern outlook.

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