Ningaloo Reef A Fringing Coral Reef – Australia

If you love under water land, is an amazing natural beauty so you should see Ningaloo reef. It is one of the Australian reefs which protect Ningaloo Marine Park. In the world it is one of the biggest edging reefs. Beside it is one of the orange beaches in world which makes western continent out of two reefs. From Bundegi beach to Amherst point, the Ningaloo marine park is ling. For World heritage listing, it easily qualifies. It is very different from others. Let’s just talk about some of its facts that you should know.

Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef at western Australia

In marine life the Ningaloo protects lagoon, 2 to 4 m deep in marine life, it is near to the shore. From many areas it is easily access from 5 to 10 m from the shore. In Ningaloo reef there are some limits for skin diving and contains a different way to access them. Beside this you can get a new experience of dive boat, sea kayak, catamaran and coral viewing as well.

Ningaloo Reef FringingNingaloo Reef underwater with a dolphin

It san awesome wonder of nature but it also be a main amazing creature for many native. It is one of the areas where whale sharks regularly meet in number of tours for human interaction. Because of this the Ningaloo reef gets benefit due to regular appearance in reef. Beside this it is very important for marine turtle as well.

Ningaloo Reef Beautiful view of underwater – swimming

 Over the entire world, there are seven species and Australia has six species or you can classes which sounds very interesting. This reef has 3 species out of six. Manta rays and Humpback whale love this area which can be seen seasonally while manta rays can be seen all year round. In year 1987 it was announced as a marine park because it protects its area and inhabitants as well.

Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef shore amazing Arial view

This Marine Park is totally made of 224000 hectares of state government which manage water about 700 km2 of common wealth water.

Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef snorkeling

Over all it is a very wonderful place to see, just to remember this site which is lovely created by Allah you can take its memory by your camera because they are only with you and nothing else.

Ningaloo Reef Ningaloo Reef map

Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef fishes

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef
Ningaloo ReefNingaloo Reef swimming

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef


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