Newgrange Is An Ancient Monument In Ireland

Newgrange is the most famous prehistoric monument in Irish, and one of the finest European passage tombs. This monument was discovered accidentally by the removal of the material for road metal ling in 1966. Newgrange was originally built about 3100 BC and today is in a much restored form. It is consist of a vast stone and turf mound about 85 cm in diameters and 13.5 m high, containing a passage leading to a burial chamber. Today, Newgrange become one of the favorite historical tourist place should be visited as its beautiful area.

New grange Ireland Monument (6)Newgrange Ireland beautiful day view

The area of Newgrange is unique enough for a tomb. If another tomb that we usually see has a scope filled with a headstones, but not at this one. Newgrange area has quite large green yard. The mound  itself at the middle of the yard shaped circle. There you can see 97 large stones, lying horizontally at the base of the mound.

Newgrange (4)Newgrange Aerial view

The aesthetic side here that those large stones are carved beautifully which is designed spirals, lozenges, zigzags, and other symbols. From those all, the most famous one is a stone that marking the entrance. It is big size stone that carved of  triple spirals, double spirals, concentric semi circle, and lozenges.

Newgrange (9)Newgrange very rare picture from the old times in Ireland

The art is not only can be found in the outside view of the mound, but also inside. The ceiling level at the entrance of the center of the mound at the same height as the floor level.  By this combinations, there will be an effect of sunlight, which enters vertically and horizontally to the passage of the internal chamber. But this beautiful effect only happen few minute only in winter solstice. Meanwhile, the big stones that cover the passage has small channels cut into them on their upper faces to keep the passage dry.

 grange monument (10)Newgrange Ireland diameter

From those all art features outside and inside of Newgrange,  the most famous part is only the orientation of the passage toward the winter solstice sunrise. It’s the most beautiful side that mostly visitor like.

Newgrange (8)Newgrange map

It’s truly spectacular when a beam of solstice sunlight separated beautifully into small beam of  lights then lighten along the channel toward the chamber. Moreover the light box, which is above the entrance passage, precisely align the sun light directly hit the chamber.

New grange (1)Ireland Monuement inside of the walls

Newgrange (11)Newgrange inside view

New grange (7)Ireland Monuement New Grange

Newgrange (2)Newgrange Ireland inside view of the building in Ireland

Newgrange (3)Newgrange Is An Ancient Monument In Ireland

Newgrange (5)Newgrange rare picture from Air



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