Moody Gardens An Educational Tourist Destination – Texas

Have you ever try to visit a little piece of paradise? If you haven’t, so you need to know and come to this spectacular place namely Moody Garden. A best idea for family’s holiday plan in which they will get many advantages such as seeing remarkable sightseeing and learning new education about flora and fauna around. This great tourist education destination can be found at Galveston region, Texas, United State. Since it was open in 1986, it has become children second place and many visitors to learn about conservation and wildlife. Here Moody Garden has three main pyramids attraction that is favored, those the Aquarium Pyramid, Rain forest Pyramid, and Discovery Pyramid. Not only for day that shows the beauty of this place, it will give more at night which so many sparkling lamps decor those pyramids beautifully.

Moody Gardens (1)Moody Gardens  view from the air

Moody Gardens (7)Moody Gardens  hotels and resorts

What is inside the Aquarium Pyamid is everything about the presence of ocean depths in south atlantic, north pacific, south pacific and Caribbean. If you love at challenge, visitor are allowed to dive into the 1.5 million gallon aquarium teeming with creatures tuxedo-clad penguins to seals, stingrays, sharks and more. Second is Rainforest Pyramid allow visitor to feel and explore life experience as the real forest life of Asia, Africa and Americas. They can also interactive with endanger plants and animals ranging from Giant Amazon to Saki Monkeys and Chinese Alligators. The last attraction in Moody Gardens is Discovery Pyramid which contains two discovery experiences of discovery museum and ridefilm theatre. Both are too good to pass up. Beside, Moody Gardens still have another special offers for vacation like experiencing with a little day cruise, 4D special FX theatre.

Moody Gardens (6)Moody Gardens pyramids just like in Egypt

If you feel it is all not enough, so you should stay a day long here in Moody Gardens because Moody Garden always give impressive offer in form of festival such as Festival of Lights which contain 100 lights scene. Here visitor can photo with santa and play with ice rink, and Ice Sculpture in Festival of Light which featured 20 large ice sculptures. There are many professional ice servers who will create a very beautiful ice sculpture of 6,300 pound ice blocks. So, have you decide a plan to have a day in Moody Garden? Finding a hotel nearest can help you visit it regularly. Some nearest hotel can be found like The Tremont House, Harbor House at Pier 21, Galveston Beach Hotel, and so on.

Moody Gardens (3)Moody Gardens  inside huge aquarium

Moody Gardens (2)Moody Gardens aquarium

Moody Gardens (8)Moody Gardens hotel swimming pool

Moody Gardens (4)Moody Gardens huge fishes

Moody Gardens (5)Moody Gardens at night

Moody Gardens (9)Moody Gardens pictures


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