Montenegro A Country In Southeastern Europe

Montenegro is a country which is situated in the Europe south eastern part. Towards the north east Serbia is situated, to the east Kosovo, towards the west Croatia, towards the north east Herzegovina. These all are the neighbors of your countries. On year 2006 3 June, it got independent. It contains the population of 650,000. AS the name of this country get the black mountain because it contains Dark Mountain forest which covers the land. The mountain which we found here were natural fortress that helped this country to maintain their independence.

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In year 1918 it became a part of Serbia and in year 1929 it became a part of Yugoslavia. Let’s talk about some of its facts which you should know about it. According to the geographical area, this country is little smaller than American state of Connecticut. .They experienced the Mediterranean climate as hot and dry climate in autumns. When it contains heavy snow fall it contains comparatively cold. The official language of this country is Montenegrin.

As by the study of world tourism in few years back, this country is fast emerging as the best tourist’s destination in the world. The capital of this city is Podgorica. It is the biggest city in Montenegro. For the cartographers, they contained very problem because it is very impossible to write of its name on the map. This country is blessed with the best view of nature. It contains the coast line of 293 km with scenic beaches which covers approximately of 73 km.

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Montenegro (1)If you want to visit this country the best time to visit is the starting of May and stretch on that month of October as well. During these months this country has experienced a beautiful and beaches friendly weather as well. There nights you can spend with sweater as well. Their winter of this country are snowy and almost in tolerable as well. Over all if you are a truly lover of tourism you should visit here.

Over all it is a beautiful country you can experience many things as well you will see the beautiful scene of nature from near. That’s why this is called picturesque.

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