Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Mont Tremblant Overview

Mont Tremblant is a city in the laurentian mountains of Quebec, approximately 130 kilometer north-west of Montreal and 140 kilometer north-east of Ottawa. Mont Tremblant is fun place to spend day with doing sport and other activities. Since the 18th century, many people come to the mont and admire its natural overview. It absolutely has a very beautiful landscape every region of the place. In daily season, Mont Tremblant has many various flora and fauna that always ready welcome visitors. It also good scenery in winter which mostly visitor use to play winter sports. The weather even better when it start turn sunny winter. The massive mountains, including the highest summit in the Laurential, will definitely change people perspective about world’ natural beauty.

Mont Tremblant mountainsMont Tremblant mountains

Mont Tremblant (7)Mont Tremblant

Winter is the most special time for spending a whole day long at Mont Tremblant. Visitors surely has many options to do fun outdoor activities and sport like sleigh rider, ice fishing, paintball, snowmobiling, snowshoeing. If you like more fun and challenging one, you may like to try dog sledding. This is fun play with some winter dogs ever. Another sport that may need more money are include dune buggy tour which offers off road tour, hilly Tremblant which visitor need  to rent a heli to enjoy all the region beauty. Ice climbing also suitable for visitor who really love at wall climbing. In contrast, Mont Tremblant also offers many indoor activity that can be enjoyed by many ages, those are include golf, spa and relaxation, and arts & cultures.

Mont Tremblant (6)Mont Tremblant map

Mont Tremblant (3)Mont Tremblant beautiful city lights at night

When you are already there, you must attend at least one of attractive event held here. Every year almost have some interesting event for family and groups. For example super series ski course, festival du film court de mont., the spring skiing event, subaru ironman north american championship and so on. What makes this place, beside provide a wonderful view and many good options of sports and activities, is the presence of casinos place. Beside, the Mont. Tremblant also built shops and boutiques in which visitor can also buy everything they want such as clothes, jewelries, sportswear, and so on. They even possibly stay a luxury hotel with high services and accommodation. Or if only want to stay outdoor surrounding with pure nature overview, visitor allow to rent a campground.

Mont Tremblant (5)Mont Tremblant mountains

Mont Tremblant (4)

Mont Tremblant (1)Mont Tremblant houses at night

Mont Tremblant (2)Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada skiing map


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