Mont Saint Michel Is a Small World Heritage Site In France

Mont St Michel is a small UNESCO World Heritage Site which ble to make you say “wow” when first time you see it. This region resembles a magnificient castle like in the fairy tales. This remarkable castle located on an island just off the region of Lower Normandy in the nothern France. You probably want to know how to get there. Of course there are several options through by carn public transportation and car. But it better to be more carefull when crossing since that area is constitute dangerous, so you need an experienced guided.Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Facts

The whole view of Mont st Michel is quite wonderful in which not only from the site marvelous apperance, but also the beautiful enviroment. Because of its location which away from urban area, so that make it is sorrounded by various enviroment type. At the entrance of his mideval town is the ancient Burgher’s Guardroom now become Tourist Office. After getting there, you can see museums, shops, and houses dating from 15th 16th centuries. there is also a large abbey which presents big panorama of mideval architecture from XI to the VXI th century.

Beside, you are allowed to come to see the Paris Church, which concentrated to st Pierre. Or another place like museum of history may attract you with its old collection like weapons, paintings, scluptures, watches, and prisons and dugeons. Everything here is intersting to see. Even you can explore whole the site and look for another sight in the houses around the castle. Taking a picture or walking the region are an activity of visitors usually do there.Mont Saint Michel InsideMont Saint tourists visit

Even you may join the event that is held there. For example photograpy exhibition. It sounds absolutely fun while enjoy Mont st Michel view. The shops and restaurants there offers resonable price with friendly service. If you choose to shop along the main street, then find shop of Aux Armes Reunies, Aux 3 Croissants or Boutique La Mere Poulard. There are also restaurant such as La Belle Normande, Chez Mado, a pancake bar La Cloche and etc. Then don’t worry to think where to stay there since Mont st Michel has a number of small hotels located within the island township. Or find the larger one located in the mainland nearby the town Pontorson. But, many visitor prefer choose to daytrip from Rennes or Saint Malo because it coverd only few hours. Mont Saint Michel Beautiful PlaceMont Saint a distant view

Mont Saint Michel InteriorMont Saint church inside

Mont Saint Michel ReviewMont Saint road side

Mont Saint Michel TownMont Saint buildings

Mont Saint Michel FranceMont Saint Aerial view

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