Mecca The Most Sacred City For Muslims

Mecca is the holiest city of Islam. The best and perfect destination for they who are muslim to have religious trip. Mecca is the most famous place in Saudi Arabia. It also famous for its sacred Ka’ba, a mosque built by Abraham according to muslim tradition. Ka’ba itself in the main point for people to come to Mecca because they believe if someone can touch Ka’ba, so he will be free from sins and guarantee of heaven. So, many people from all the world, especially muslim, desire to come there and see and touch Ka’ba them self.

Mecca (1)Mecca Madinah

Mecca (6)Mecca ariel view

Beside for religious reason that makes people come to Mecca, there are many another point of interest of it, that able to make people to come. For example is Abraj Al Bait tower which is a building complex located acrossMasjid al-Haram street, one of the most holiest place there. This Abraj Al Bait tower is designed to accept approximately about 10.000 people. For holy haji process itself, pilgrimage should pass some important area as follows Masjid al-Haram, Muzdalifah and Mina. But the most important in Masjid al-Haram since it is the main destination. It actually is what called as Padang Arafah in which become the last holy destination of muslims.

Mecca (8)Mecca Holy city

MakkahMecca Hajj

Another interesting side of Mecca is shopping time. Saudi Arabia has its own characteristic on food which all of them are absolutely halal. After doing some steps of holy pray, muslims usually spend their time to buy many food. The best shopping places there are like Bab Mecca market, Kurma Madinah market, Zakfariah market, Bin Dawood shopping center. As what I have mentioned before that Saudi Arabia always has its own characteristic, so you may little difficult to find some branded product around these place because all of them are holy prey necessary like kurma fruit, zam zam water, sajda, some certain fabric and etc.

MakkahMecca The Most Sacred City For Muslims

Mecca (3)
MakkahMecca Saudi Arabia  Hajj

Mecca (9)Mecca Saudi Arabia

Mecca (5)Mecca

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