Madeira A Portuguese Archipelago

It is situated in the southwest of Lisbon in Atlantic Ocean contains a perfect climate. It has an interesting view with lovely scarps which rise dangerously from sea. This island is from 1420. When it was sighted people thought that its mountains give the signals of the gate of Hell.This Island has very different six climate zones with combination of beautiful plants and flowers, if we compare this island with Hawaii.

Madeira (2)Madeira buildings

Madeira (4)Tourists visit in this island because of its natural beauty and love to experience its lovely climate. People love to play golf, do experiencing in hiking and diving as well. Besides that you can do deep fishing also. For European it remains an uncrowned for them where visitors love mountain hiking and its culture.

Madeira (9)Madeira hiking trail

Madeira (8)Madeira blue water

Let’s just talk about some of its activity which should be very love to do, watching whales and dolphins with 15 whale species. Play tennis and golf and do horse riding. Do big game fishing for tuna and blue marlin. Walking on the series of water channels, lower the mountain. You can take spa treatments by natural mineral water. You can see their Madeira Botanical garden as well.

Madeira (3)Madeira Aerial view

Madeira (7)Madeira foggy weather

Its capital is Funchal which is a modern city, contains museums, churches and invite people also to watch their places. You can easily walk in city with a lovely atmosphere. It contains dock and a big church which is more than 500 years old. You can easily find entertainment and fun in night clubs and lovely food in restaurants and casinos. This Funchal is surrounding by black cliff and with world lovely hotels. Most of the hotels have their theme shows on folklore of Madeira or other occasions, where tourists can hear traditional, Portuguese art form and fado as well. More over you can find every enjoyment thing in city.

Over this entire island is full of thrill, excitement, and enjoyment and fun. It is a very good place to visit on holidays with your family and friends. You love their atmosphere, water and everything n its surroundings. You will remove your all worries and tensions here.

Madeira (6)Madeira beautiful view

Madeira (1)Madeira port

Madeira (5)Madeira mountain pictures


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