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London Eye Travel Guide

Have you ever felt to see the famous giant  London’s eye Ferris wheel? London Eye is very modern and spectacular architecture in the world. Swing in the air with served the beautiful town of United Kingdom. This giant wheel is precisely located at Jubilee Garden in the South Bank. It has approximately 123 meter tall structure and was built as part of London’s millennium celebrations. Visiting the place is not really complete before you see it and try the incredible Ferris Eye. Everyone should feel it their self and even become one of the best trip plan. It designed by the team of David Marks and Julia Barfield. They started to built it as part of the competition to design a land mark for the millennium.

London Eye (6)London Eye

It is need more than a year to arrange the construction and process over 1700 tonnes of steel were used for the structure and more than 300 tonnes of concrete were used for the foundations. Its futuristic design accommodate up to twenty five passengers. By the capacity allow may visitor to try. Try and feel different atmosphere when you reach the side.

London Eye (4)London Eye A Giant Ferris Wheel

London Eye (3)

London Eye capsules

You will able to see all the beauty of London’s building and scenery. Moreover the observation turns slow enough for people to embark while it is moving. A complete turn takes about thirty minute. Every side of the wheel is covered with safety glass so that the passenger could see the outside view clearly. Many famous landmark that clearly visible inside from the wheel as follows Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Houses of Parliament.

London Eye (9)London Eye UK at night

London Eye (1)London Eye rare inside view

For you who want something private time to enjoy the whole city scene with group, London Eye offers a private capsule.  Give an exclusive services for you for more than thirty minute. Beside, there are still some of good sightseeing around London Eye in which become a good additional trip for you such as city River Cruise, which bring visitor to see the city in different perspective.

London Eye (8)Eye Ferris wheel UK

London Eye (7)Eye of United Kingdom

London Eye (2)
London Eye (5)London Eye at night

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