Kremlin a Historical Complex in Moscow, Russia

The Moscow Kremlin, or also simply known as Kremlin is a historical complex in the heart of Moscow. It has its best sights on five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall and Kremlin Tower. This area is suitable for historical lovers to have traveling around. The complex of Kremlin serves as the official residences of the President of the Russian Federation. The buildings are very impressive with good sight especially on  Wall and Tower.Moscow Kremlin from Kamenny bridgeThe first impressive palace in here is the Grand Kremlin Palace. Before 1917, it was the resident of the royal family during its stays in Moscow. The view of Grand Kremlin Palace itself is quite wonderful furthermore it also located precisely in front of Moskva River. Not oly through its outstanding building that attract many people’s interest, but the beauty of river view do also get people’s attentions. Then the second rank is Cathedral Square in which become the main square in the square. And there still many others outstanding building that be visitors favorite tourist place.Kremlin palce insideAlthough Kremlin is known for its outstanding buildings, but this place also has aesthetic side in form of garden, named Alexander Garden. This garden is quite beautiful with plenty flower. Its good to stay a while here after a tour of Kremlin a day long. Borovitskaya tower also one important place to visit in which has architectural side. Here also available a luxury collection of diamonds saved in a museum or galleries named diamond fund. This galleries even not only save number of diamond, but it has many jewelries and precious minerals.Moscow Kremlin RussiaKremlin is best place to visit beside its sight, you can also have shopping in some best clothes stores. Moreover, shopping nowadays as just a daily sport in Moscow. There provides some new mega malls, department stores, designer boutiques and busy food markets. Beside that, it will not complete without knowing best hotels to stay a night. One of the most luxurious hotels in Kremlin is Ararat Park Hyatt. The specialties of this hotel are free fruit every day, restaurants are overpriced, rooms rate among the highest in the city. Another ideas that near to the Kremlin Square as follows Metro pol hotel and Savoy hotel. Three of them get high point based on visitor who ever stay a night there.

Kremlin buildingKremlin view at night, also you can see the interior of the building with very luxury decoration.
Kremlin inside
Kremlin snow falling
Red Square Kremlin

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