Key West An Island In The Straits Of Florida

One of the best vacation spot that every family should consider is Key West in Florida. It is situated at the tip of the America. Many people call it as the beginning of the great adventure in Caribbean. It has become a permanent tourist hotspot even though the main reason for the magnetic attraction has not yet been changed.

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There are multiple cultures in the island which contributed in the shaping of the island. Even if there are no water related activities, there will still be so much to see and experience. The architecture is basically derived from all the Cuban, Caribbean, African and southern places. Even walking at the morning time is simply awesome in here.

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One of the most popular writer, Ernest Hemingway used to live here and spent about ten years wandering the streets. For book lovers, his house is a must visit.

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Soaking the culture is itself a very big task. Key West is lying in between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico where you can imagine every kind of water sport being functional. The popular activities include fishing, scuba diving, boating etc. Those who love sun, the beach is the best spot for them. The most highly recommended trips are sunset trips. Dolphin watching adventures and Kayaking tours also are very popular among the visitors.

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It is also famous for its mouth-watering cuisines. Fine dining with ocean views is the perfect spot to fill up your stomach. Lime Pie is the best creation of the chefs there according to many.

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Mallory Square have sunset celebration each night at the end of the street of Duval. There are performers doing all kinds of magic and fun. The shopping from here is also a great option.

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To begin the adventurous day, start with the ghost tours. The odd strange history is shown to visitors while visiting the tours.

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 The best shopping which is mind-blowing especially for ladies is also in Key West at the Duval Street. There are some very quality and unique pieces of work of art at the Duval Street.

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