Hoover Dam A Concrete Arch-Gravity Dam, USA

Hoover Dam in one of the greatest dam of its day and an Arizona’s landmark, situated in Black Canyon between Arizona and Nevada on U.S 93. It take about one and a half hour to the reach the place from Las Vegas from the bottom of the Lake Mead. Filled with a history and colossal  view, the Hoover Dam make an inspiring stop your Arizona sightseeing trip. It has a very great high wall.

Hoover Dam (9)Hoover Dam Ariel view

Hoover Dam (4)Hoover Dam Nevada

Hoover Dam Guide

There is an interesting short history about the stem that was during the Great Depression, thousand of men and their families came to Black Canyon to built the Hoover Dam – a project designed to transform the ragging Colorado River into a hydroelectric power source which was planned to facilitate the increasing population. By the time it was built, the Colorado River was flowing without any barriers though Black Canyon. The entire vicinity is changed into the Lake Mead Park Area.

Hoover Dam (3)Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam (2)Construction picture of Hoover Dam

What thing to do there is only enjoy the view from the top. When you have a change traveling above the Hoover Dam, then just stop a while and see how a real amazing it is. It is perfect for snapping a photo and taking the immensity of the block. But if you have enough free time, join a tour is also make it best experience of the place. The power plant tour offer presentation and exhibits on how the barrage operate., while the guide tour will take visitor on an exploration of the barrage‘s lesser known area. By this we already know that this is not only a dam with spectacular overview, but also understated and learn about the dike’s history and function. All tour start at the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, which is in the form of houses delivering the exhibition of the barrage’s history and its role in farming, electrical power, and recreation.

Hoover Dam (1)Hoover Dam map

Hoover Dam (8)

All the excellent when you have change to stay a night near the dam. Hotels, lodging and camping are available near the Hoover Dam’s area. Located at Northwestern Arizona, there are plenty of places to stay like Hotel’s Kingman – 75 miles away – offers a plenty option. You can also rent a campsites near the state park  and Arizona campground.

Nevada DamHoover Dam at night

Hoover Dam (6)

Hoover Dam (5)


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