Grouse Mountain – British Columbia, Canada

This mountain is the central mountain of North range which is situated in Vancouver, Canada. It is situated 15 minutes from city Vancouver. It is the popular mount sky ride which takes people top one mile flying journey, 3,700 feet above sea level to the Alpine station. It contains so much beautiful and breathtaking views of the mountains, city peak with an altitude of 4,100 feet. In year 1894 this mount was named by a hiking party after encountering a blue bird on the alpine slope. Today it is the world most visited place, receives 1.2 million visitors each year.

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain beautiful sunset Arial view

It is the best place to enjoy the view and skiing destination s well during the winter months. It was first moved up by the mountaineer, this took some effort for them to remember that there was no bridge or chairlift which took them to the top. Today journey is little easier thanks of the chair lift so you can easily enjoy the view with beautiful attraction.

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain hiking trail picture

At the top of mt  you can easily find grizzly bear residence. Their residence feels so much real for the both whiten and you can easily watch them both roving and playing. At the lower of the mtn  you can see the grey wolf residence. They have very interesting background, they were born in imprisonment and used in the movie industry but now they having withdrawn from the active life so for them a home has been made.

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain skiing started in

For entertainment, at the top of the mountain, there is a lumber jack 45 minute show. This gives audiences a very hilarious look. Beside this you can also see the sky high definition cinema and birds motion demonstration which displays the fastest bird in the world.

Grouse MountainVisitors enjoying ski at Grouse Mountain

In other attraction, you can also try Helicopter tours and Tandem Paragliding, which is very awesome. In the chair lift ride you can take ride of the creaming eagle. This will show you more excellent views of Vancouver over one of North America. Over all it contains the best relaxation, entertainment, adventures and enjoyment place to visit.

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain map

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain docks

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain at night lights which are giving a stunning view of the snowy mountains

Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain skiing map guide of the area with labels

Grouse Mtn (2)Grouse Mountain cable car

Grouse Mtn (1)Grouse Mountain snow walking track


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