Gamirasu Cave Hotel Is a Hidden Gem In Heart Of Cappadocia Turkey

You’ve difinetely ever feel a stay in a natural nuace of a hotel, which covered almost green eviroment sorrounding the hotels’ area. But here in Turkey, Gamirasu Cave Hotel give different sensation of the feel of “back to nature” . A luxury rooms inside able to create a real cave life but in modern style. This cave hotel, which is located in Ayvali Village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, had officially opened in 1998.Gamirasu Cave Hotel

The Gamirasu Cave Hotel overlooking is very wonderfull and unique since it conatins of hard rocks as tall as a houses. While the view of course absolutely natural with sorrounding by a hill and shading tress. This what makes Gamirasu Cave Hotel become one of the most visited in Turkey for many visitors of the world. Because of its uniqueness, this hotel is also mentioned as romantic escape for honeymoon and wedding magazines. The hotel has total 30 rooms which includes standar double, deluxe rooms, cave suites, family suites, and superior suites.Gamirasu Cave Hotel Beautiful Living RoomGamirasu Cave Hotel bedrooms

A total number of activities offered about 6 interesting points. The first is body care massage which mostly woman love with. Imagine how nice of a cave hotel situation, you and enjoy a relaxing smooth body massage. A calm and comfortable feel that you will definitely get in there. Second activity is Tukish cuisine course. Turkish kitchen is one of the best well known in the world next to French and Chinese. Here visitor will be learned about how to make a delicious meal of traditional Turkish cuisines. The third is joining agricultural activity. Then you can rent wedding organization in traditional style or religious style. The fifth activity is whirling dervishes. This is a maditational dance of Dervishes in which allows visitor to participate as a spectator. And the last fine activity is yoga and massage therapy.Gamirasu Cave Hotel Inside ViewGamirasu Cave Hotel luxury bedrooms

A breakfast and dinner atmosphere here give romanatic nuance because Gamirasu Cave Hotel provides large dining rooms with smooth yellow light. Feel the different sensation of having breakfast and dinner in a cave with luxury features, even include the cuisines offered. breakfast is presented as open buffet style where you can find home made jams, locally dried apricot, pure village honey and cream straight from the owner’s cow. While the dinner firstly served with six dishes. Feel all the advantages of this luxurious hotel yourself and have an memorable experience there.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel OutsideGamirasu Cave Hotel lobby

Gamirasu Cave Hotel RoomGamirasu Cave Hotel Pictures

Gamirasu Cave Hotel Swimming PoolGamirasu Cave Hotel pool side

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