Finland Is Ranked#01 In World Of Freedom

In the European Union, one of the places which are sparsely populated around just 16 inhabitants with per kilometer is only Finland country. In the territory of Finland there is around 187,888 lakes and around 179,584 islands and these both are world records. Of Europe one of last region is Finland which in 12th century to be Christianized. In year 1918, this Country got independence as it related to Sweden or Russia.Finland CityOne interesting thing to know that that Finnish athletes contains summer Olympic medals as any other nations, they contains around 302 Olympic medals in which Finnish has 101 gold medals and around winter Olympic medals it contains second rank. Besides that there drivers are also famous they have won world rally championship as compare to any other country.

Every year since publications of first index by reporters, Finland has reached on top of world freedom ranking. According to the UNICEF It is reached on child rich countries. For reading, science and mathematics It contains highest level remark while It has the lowest percentage of liking a school which is around 8%. As for world’s mother; save the children Finland country contains rank of 2nd or 3rd.There Finnish language is spoken which is a non indo European language along with Hungarian and Estonian as well.Finland People

Finland StudentIn the Finland, people are mostly biggest coffee drinkers more than Italians and as compare to Americans three times and as compare to brits they are four times. On the top of Arctic Circle you will see Santa Claus which is known for Joulupukki; on their address around 700,000 letters come from 198 countries. Besides you should know some knowledge of Finland like Finland contained first and second position on global competitiveness report. It contained first rank on environmental sustainability and for technological achievement as well.Finland Joulupukin

Finland Santa Claus OfficeOver all Finland contains many achievements in any field as far visiting it is one of the best tourist destinations as well. Tourists love to come again and again, to see lovely lakes and Lovely Islands. Over all we can say Finland is total package.    Finland Suomenlinna
Finland Landscape

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