Fiji An Island Country In Melanesia

Fiji is the heart of south pacific which blessed with 333 tropical island that are the home of happiness. Fiji is famous for its white sand beaches that able to attract many people to visit. It become a perfect summer holiday for family and groups. Here we will talk about some best beaches of Fiji that is most favored. The first shore is Cove beach which located on Turtle island and contain of 14 spectacular beaches that features white sand and sparkling water. I suggest you to have picnic here because of the fresh air and beautiful scenery will complete you day. 

Fiji islands (10)Fiji islands shore

Fiji islands (5) Fiji islands boats

The second is Matamanoa shore, located in Mamanuca island, a lovely small coast. Based on Fijian language, the name Matamanoa comes from the mean of “Feast on the eyes” . it shaped like a horseshoe and featured white sand and cone-shaped peak made of volcanic rock.

Fiji islands (4)Fiji islands resorts swimming pools

Fiji islands (9)Fiji islands resorts and hotels

The third best is Natadola beach which has voted as one of the world’s top 10 beaches . it features with many waves than most while still offering wonderful opportunities of swimming. Of course the water is quite blue and fresh so that visitor also can surfing or snorkeling. The fourth rank is Vatulele island beach, renowned for its impressive and very colourful coral reefs. The island itself offers a stunning shore that is three-quarter of a mile in length and composed of white sand. Next fifth is Liku coast that located in Mamanuca island. It features an  amazing lagoon and very beautiful garden, which are appealing to travelers. It is also said also “sunset beach”,so that many visitors comes mostly at afternoon just to see the magnificent view of the shore side.

Fiji islands (3)Fiji islands aerial view

Fiji islands (7)Fiji islands resorts

The sixth is Wakaya island beach which considering as ‘scenic luxury resort’. It is truly right moreover a line of shade palm trees make the view of the shore more adorable. For the seven rank is Yasawa island beach. although it constitute small seashore, but its beauty can be used as private vacation for family or groups. Even some couple also take a photo for their pra-wedding photo shoot. The eight one is Matana beach, a scenic sandy beach located on Kadavu island. The nine is placed with Papageno-eco resort which also located in Kadavu island. And the last best beach is Vomo island beach. It is a special place on its own right. Its warm water is suitable for holiday relaxing time.

Fiji islands (8)Fiji islands view

Fiji islands (2)Fiji islands crystal clear water

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