Dubrovnik City – Croatian City, Dalmatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city which one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It constitute as complex of city wall and become most prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean. With a population about 42.615 inhabitants, this area has their own prosperity historically based on maritime trade. What makes Dubrovnik  is preferred as attractive tourist place is because of its spectacular metropolis arrangement. If it seen from above, the whole surface of the metropolis structured well with adds the outstanding walls that limits the entire the outskirt.

Dubrovnik city (10)Dubrovnik City Arial View

As a tourist city, Dubrovnik has everything needed to spend a holiday in. Attractions that you can see there as follows art gallery which has an extensive collection of Croatian modern paintings and sculptures and an interesting cable car that will bring you take a look of the beautiful entire region of Dubrovnik city. But the main sight that get many attention of visitor to come is Dubrovnik’s Walls. As a fortress that transverse to protect the city, this huge white walls extending about two kilometers long. Walking along the wall is obligation mainly to do in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik city (4)Dubrovnik City boats view

Beside this place always provide another interesting idea to be visited like The Aquarium that give you a knowledge about sea live of the Adriatic. The  area Bell tower also need to know as the crown of east end of Star dun. Then the impressive metropolis Hall and Sky cellar also best place to see since both has its own beauty sides.

Dubrovnik city (7)Dubrovnik City houses Arial View

One of the sight that will greet you firstly come in Star dun is Onofrio’s Fountain, which is a huge central dome and sixteen water taps all around. While a ledge and steps around the water provide a perfect resting place for tired sightseers.

Dubrovnik city (3)Dubrovnik City canon

There are still many other beauty sights of Dubrovnik city that make you feel amazing for having a trip there. Just like museums, churches, cultures, galleries, cinemas and theaters. You even can try the food and delicious meal of this region.

Dubrovnik city (1)Dubrovnik CityCroatia,  Dalmatia

Because of the location that is near a sea, the menus of restaurants here almost deal with seafood. But there are also served with cuisines from other countries. Dubrovnik metropolis is rich of wine bars, but the most memorable is enjoying wine in the night. A night of Dubrovnik provide amazing nightlife featured with bars, boats, casinos, club nights, jazz nights, lounge bars, and pubs.

Dubrovnik city (5)Dubrovnik City walls

Dubrovnik city clock

Dubrovnik Dalmatia City IslandDubrovnik City Ariel view

Dubrovnik Dalmatia City housesDubrovnik City Houses

Dubrovnik Dalmatia CityDubrovnik City Island and fort


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