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Delta airlines is one of the biggest airlines of America. It serves flights of about 66 countries and over 368 cities as well. Its headquarter is in Georgia. It was established in year 1924 and came a long way. It has more than 70,000 workers and per year it serves more than 170 million passengers.

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By a huff Deland dusters it began with facility of aerial crop dusting which become in high demand in early 1900. This became possible by a young scientist C.E Wolman who has made a dry power chemical called lead arsenate. He joined this airline in year 1925 and soon they included 25 airplanes which were the biggest aircraft in the world.

Delta AirLines seatsDelta AirLines inside view

Delta AirLines seatsDelta AirLines inside

Crop dusting could only perform in summer months so they enhanced their passenger travel from Peru to Ecuador. Crop dusting became a big part on their business in year 1928.Due to this the bought three monoplanes which can take five passengers from Dallas to Jackson. After that they made so much progress in these 70 years that now they have 100 million passengers per year which is very big achievement for them.

Delta AirLines

Delta AirLines

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In Atlanta, New York, Salt Lake City and Cincinnati, Delta airlines contains their hubs. They have their own planes which are developed by Mc Donnell Douglas, air bus and Boeing. They run 1,369 flights daily in all over the world which includes delta partner’s air companies with their partner airlines. It includes many other international airlines which are Air France, Air Europe, Aeroflot, Aero Mexico and Alitalia as well.

Delta AirLines logoDelta AirLines logo

To the global community Delta airlines give to them. In which the breast cancer research foundation, conservation fund and habitat for humanity names are there. From baggage handlers to pilots they have more than 70, 000 people as I said before. Their employees enjoy life insurance, medical, vision coverage, dental, profit-sharing, paid vacations, holidays, 401 k plan and domestic partner program are included.

Over all it means this company not only give profit to their passengers but their employers as well.  It is a very good airline in the world.

Delta AirLines

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