Crater Lake National Park A Natural Beauty In USA

The beautiful scenery of Crater Lake National Park makes it jewels crown of United State. As perfect as a king crown, Crater Lake consist of combination of deep blue lake and sheer surrounding cliffs. The cliffs with almost 2000 feet high like protect the pure of the lake. This perfect scene makes it as most pictured Island. Surely from all around the world would tourists come to watch the beauty of Crater Lake National Park and also enjoy all peaceful activities. Tourists can do photograph, fishing, hiking, camping, and of course tasting the delicious cuisines served by the organization.Crater Lake National Park breat taking viewCrater Lake National Park has serene lodges, cabins and campgrounds at Mazama village which allow visitor to stay night while enjoying the scene of Crater Lake peacefully. Whatever they choose, an authentic rustic northwest will always surround them. If you like outdoor nuance, just stay at the campground located seven miles from the rim and just inside of the south entrance gate of the lake. It is okay to bring many friends and big family here since they provide 214 tents and RV sites, accommodating tent up to 12’ x 12, and RVs up to 50 feet in length. The campground also has many amenities for fill usual daily necessary.Crater Lake tourists enjoying clean waterThere are many fun activities and sports that visitor can do at Crater Lake National Park, but the most fun based activities relate with water like volcano boat cruises. It becomes the most favorite sport by visitor in which they firstly must make 1.1- mile hike on wood trail to access the lake and the boat dock. This hike can be very strenuous as it drops approximately 700 feet. Despite the fact, it always is a certain challenge for visitor. For more adventures, you can try Wizard Island Tour in which same with another activity that relate with exploring nature. But the different side here is that visitor will have the choice of reserving half day or the full day.Crater Lake National Park ariel view

Crater Lake OregonCrater Lake one of a paradise on earth

Crater Lake National Park winterCrater Lake frozen

Crater Lake National Park  You can see the clouds shadow in clean blue water of crater Lake. Crater LakeCrater Lake Aerial view

sun rise at Crater Lake National ParkBreath Taking Sun Rise View at Crater Lake National Park

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