Columbus Capital City Of Ohio

Columbus Ohio Travel Guide

In Ohio Columbus is the largest city and also capital as well. It is situated on Scioto River, in central Ohio. The first thing near the site of Columbus city was earthen hill which was developed by the Indian tribes which are known for Mound builders. As you know about the history of Columbus, similarly some information which should you knows about it. In year 1812 the metropolis was founded.

Columbus Ohio (4)Ohio Columbus beautiful city lights at night

In Ohio this metropolis has the most population. In the United States it contains the rank 15 in largest city. This place has different economy in banking, fashion, government, steel, energy, clothes, food, insurance, hospitality, health care and many things. It is a home of the research and development foundation. It offers you a world experience to all tourists. It has huge varieties of shopping.

Columbus Ohio (11)Ohio Columbus river side buildings

First thing which attract most is Aquarium and zoo of Columbus. It contains a home of over 5,000 animals over 700 classes. In 2009 it contains the name as no 1 zoo in America. When you are visiting this zoo, you should visit Dinosaur Island; you will see their 25 animations, which is life like a robot.

Columbus Ohio (2)Columbus Ohio map

Tourists will able to close to this. Beside this zoo there is a Zambezi bay which contains an area about 23 acres Water Park; it is along to the zoo. It contains 17 water slides in which the most famous slides are Action River, a wave pool, a lazy river, beside this you will see private cabanas, and kiddies play pool and many more.

Columbus Ohio (5)Ohio Columbus at night

Another attraction place is COSI, which will amaze your family with incredible wonders. It will provide the experience of science facts.. Restaurants are also the attraction place for tourism .Thorough out the metropolis you have the dining option as well.

Columbus Ohio (1)Columbus Ohio city lights at night Arial view

If you are planning to go, just plan to the north market. If you are walking in the area you will see lots of things and many arts work.

Over this entire metropolis is full of enjoyment. From science to entertainment in all things, they have marked up their level with their quality.

Columbus Ohio night viewColumbus Ohio city lights

Columbus Ohio (8)Columbus Ohio in winter

Columbus Ohio buildings at nightBeautiful Columbus Ohio night view

Columbus Ohio (10)Columbus Ohio river

Columbus Ohio (7)
Columbus Ohio (6)Columbus Ohio bridge

Columbus Ohio (9)Columbus Capital City Of Ohio


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