CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CN Tower Complete Overview

The famous CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is considered to one of the greatest landmark in Canada. This observation structure is about 553.33 meters high and is built on the former Railway Lands and reached the stage of its completion in 1976 and hence was rightfully declared as the tallest free-standing structure and tower of its time.

CN Tower (1)CN Tower Toronto city

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This tower was built high enough that it was able to maintain its position as the tallest structure for as much as 34 years. It was finally brought down from the top spot by Burj Khalifa and the Canton Towers in 2010. Even with all that is still the highest structure in whole of the western Hemisphere. This great place  is certainly a special trophy for the skyline of Toronto and hence a perfect symbol for Canada. This tower is responsible for attracting as much as two million international tourists annually who come from all parts of the world to this great landmark to see its grandeur and beauty. Another amazing fact about this tower is that it was referred to as one of the 7 wonders of the world in 1995 by the American Society of Civil Engineers and also holds the second place in the World federation of Great Towers.

CN Tower (2)CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The name of this tower “CN” basically means Canadian National, which is the name of the railway company which is responsible for making the construction of this amazing tower happen.

CN Tower (8)CN Tower inside view

This pride of Canada towers was started in 1973 and was finally completed in 1967 and was open for public viewing on October , 1st, 1976. The cost of building this masterpiece was round about 63, 000, 000 Canadian Dollars and is currently owned by the Canada Lands Company.

CN Tower (3)CN Tower on the edge

It has about 147 floors with 9 lifts or elevators present throughout the towers. The height of its antenna Spire is about 553.33 meters (1815,f feet). The roof is at the height of 457.2 meters (1500 feet) where as the top floor is about 446.5 meters (that is about 1464.9 feet). The designing and construction of this towers was given in the hands of WZMH Architects and the architects that worked on this were John Andrews, Webb Zerafa and Menkes Housden.

CN Tower (6)CN Tower Canada

CN Tower (4)CN Tower day view

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