Cloud Gate A Sculpture By Anish Kapoor – Chicago, Illinois

Cloud gate is a public sculpture and a centerpiece of the Millennium Park within the Loop community in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. It is located at the top of the Park Grill in between the McCormick Tribune Plaza and Ice Rink and the Chase Promenade. The brilliant sculpture was proposed by the famous architect who is Indian name Anish Kapoor.

Cloud Gate (12)Cloud Gate Sculpture day view

It was constructed in between the 2004 and 2006. It was constructed out of 168 stainless steel plates which were welded together. It is popularly known as “The Bean”. The exterior is highly and nicely polished with no visible seams. The volume approximately is 42 feet x 66 feet x 33 feet having a pronounced weight of 98 long tons.

Cloud Gate (9)Cloud Gate night view

The inspiration came from the liquid mercury. The reflection onto the sculpture is that of city’s skyline which is distorted. Visitors and tourists from around the world come visit cloud gate and they can walk beneath the structure’s arch which is like 12-foot high from the ground. The underside consists of the “navel” or the omphalos which is a chamber concave which literally multiplies the reflections. Millions of tourists each year come to visit the cloud gate sculpture and take the opportunity of having a photograph with the great work of Anish Kapoor.

Cloud Gate (6)Cloud Gate HD wallpaper

 The sculpture design was being selected among the various design competition and the Kapoor’s design was finalized. There were many questions and technological concerns that came up after the design was displayed. The maintenance cost was pretty much high for the structure.

Cloud Gate (8)Cloud Gate, the sculpture is covered with snow

Many experts rejected the idea saying that the design could not be implemented. The dedication occurred on 15th May 2006 and since then has been one of the prime symbols of the city of Chicago both internationally and domestically.

Cloud Gate (3)Cloud Gate Ariel View

The sculpture was often used as the background for many commercials and movies. The Break-up movie re-scheduled the movie because the Cloud Gate was still under construction. It was also featured in The Vow and Source Code. The structure also appeared in the video of Homecoming by the Kanye West and the film Nights and Weekends in 2008.

Cloud Gate (11)

Cloud Gate (10)
Gate Cloud construction pics (5)Cloud Gate construction rare picture

Cloud Gate (4)
Gate Cloud Illinois (7)Tourists attraction at Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate (2)

Gate Cloud sculptureCloud Gate A sculpture By Anish Kapoor


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