Chamonix Mont Blanc Sports Destination in France

Chamonix is located at the Haute Savioe department of the Rones Alphen region of south-east France and has a reputation as the European capital of extreme adventure sport. This is a best reason why they get so many visitor especially at winter because they desiring to try skiing. Be brave to try some extreme sport there, or you can only explore the famous ski and valley Blanche with a mountain guide.So it is good idea to have a fun and relax day at Chamonic since they also has good relaxing side in form Afternoon Tea and Spa.
Chamonix pistemap
Chamonix has spectacular snow overview. Not only caused by the white snow, but also it produce a beautiful green yard with many white flower, complete the natural scene of the area. Right, if you doesn’t like to do a sport, then just take some picture of it. You may find various good sights like a calm pure blue lake, mountains surrounded with fresh green yard at the bottom, some ice that shape cool caves. It is really fun for photographer, but of course, the only reason visitor come there is trying activities, which divided into three kinds : leisure, winter and summer. For leisure activities are include sightseeing of Aiguillede Midi, Mer de Glace, Brevent, etc. Beside, you also can do sports like tennis, swimming, ice skating, golf, and squash.Chamonix great view France
Another offers are like parks and zoos, children activities which has many points, adventure and fun parks as follows Luge Alphine Coaster, paintball and so on. When if you get rainy days, don’t worry if you will stop your do because you can see cinemas, museum, and another spectacular Chamonix events. For health and beauty sides also available for tired vistor. Chamonix organization serve spa, massage, hairdresser, salon and shiatsu to prevent tired after exploring the area. Not only for fun and adventure that visitor can try, Chamonix still has bars, nightclubs and lounges to make them more comfort to this place.

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