Central Park New York, United States

When you are fed up with your daily annoying routine business, then you usually think about getting out of home to refresh your mind with fresh air and natural sightseeing.  Such a place is  New York Central Park, you wanna consider visiting. It is new fresh idea of New York backyard in which you will definitely discover many relaxing corners and sides. This wonderful naturally place is designed to create serene atmosphere and even you can do many simple activity there. New York Central Park is good idea to spend a day.

Central Park NewYork (1)Central Park New York Ariel view

Central Park NewYork (5)Central Park New York from air

One simple thing that you can do there is touring, then try to find each sub park history. First impressive place to visit is Belvedere Castle. It is a beautiful castle that equipped with meteorological equipment so that it can measure wind speed and direction. It is provides the best and highest views of the park and its cityscape.

Central Park NewYork (2)Central Park New York trees

Nice place to see, right? Next is The Conservatory Garden that able to widen your eyes since it has many flowers and beautiful garden arrangement. It’s divided into 3 smaller garden, each with a distinct style garden like Italian, French and English garden. Three of them has different nuance which perfect for wedding party. Besides, there still another spectacular tours should be visited such as Cross Park Promenade,  Hallett Nature Sanctuary and the Pond, Memorial in Walk, etc.

Central Park NewYork (7)Central Park New York walking area

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It will need long time to discuss of how many beautiful tours that able to be reached by visitor. You absolutely need a camera and ready to capture more than 10 moment. Meanwhile, there also some sports you can try while relaxing your body. For example baseball and softball, basketball, bicycle riding, birding, chess and checker, fishing, handball, ice skating, kite flying, lawn bowling and cricket, boat sailing, etc. see?? How great idea if you choose New York Central Park as your best place to spend a holiday.

Central Park NewYork (10)Central Park New York people enjoying their holiday

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Even it is called as sports enthusiast’s paradise by people because offers everything to have fit body and fun. And the last attraction is the famed Carousel, with it sweets Calliope music and 57 magnificent horses. During summer month, the carousel is open in seven days a week.

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Central Park NewYork (8)Central Park New York

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