Koh Phi Phi (9)

Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Located in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi is a small beautiful archipelago of six islands. It is exactly located at Krabi Province, Southern Thailand which is constitute easily accessible island groups in the world. A pure blue sea surrounding the island with also adds with white sand beaches which perfectly complete the island overlooking. Fresh and natural air of the environment increase Koh Phi Phi islands reputation. No wonder that number of visitor always come to enjoy all the island natural resources. Besides, they can taste a dozen seafood menu and cuisines from the local original food. […]

Ayers Rock (4)

Ayers Rock In The Southern Part Of The Northern Territory In Central Australia

Ayers rock which is known as Uluru. It is the famous natural land mark of Australia. It boast the statistics and has very lavish landscape. By the William Gosse the Uluru is named as the Ayers rock in year 1873 and it have been area of Abrogines over the 10,000 years. At the end of the sea it sat and now it stands above the ground around the 348m. […]

Dead Sea (6)

Dead Sea, Dead Lake In Jordan

The Dead Sea also sometimes called the Salt lake. It is a salt lake bordering from Jordan to the east side and adjoin the Israel border from the West Bank. Its surface and shores are 423 meters under the sea level, the lowest elevation of the earth ground. The lake is 377 m deep, which makes it the deepest hyper saline lake in the world. With about 33.7 % salinity level, it is also one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. […]

Moody Gardens (9)

Moody Gardens An Educational Tourist Destination – Texas

Have you ever try to visit a little piece of paradise? If you haven’t, so you need to know and come to this spectacular place namely Moody Garden. A best idea for family’s holiday plan in which they will get many advantages such as seeing remarkable sightseeing and learning new education about flora and fauna around. This great tourist education destination can be found at Galveston region, Texas, United State. Since it was open in 1986, it has become children second place and many visitors to learn about conservation and wildlife. Here Moody Garden has three main pyramids attraction that is favored, those the Aquarium Pyramid, Rain forest Pyramid, and Discovery Pyramid. Not only for day that shows the beauty of this place, it will give more at night which so many sparkling lamps decor those pyramids beautifully. […]

Potala Palace (3)

Potala Palace, Lhasa – China

Sightseeing in China is regarding distinctions and secrecy. It may include romance, excitement, civilizations, explorations and tranquility. Every phase possesses its own charisma and enchantments for which to pursue thousands of visitors prefer China for vacation sightseeing. Potala Palace is one of the outstanding attractions upright at the mounts in Tibet. Its history dates earlier to the time while King Songtsan designed the structure of the 999 space fortress to rejoice his marriage with Princess Wenchang. This Palace is the emblem of Lhasa. In the history, Potala Palace was ruined two times. Dalai Lama V was reconstructed in 1645 and prolonged. […]

Winterthur (11)

Winterthur A City In The Canton Of Zürich

Traveling in Switzerland is an amazing time which you can see a fresh natural environment. Every glance there is only comfortable shade overview. The houses are well structured and the forest is quite beautiful decored by many colorful flowers just like a step way to the fairy world. The city itself has more than 100.000 inhabitants and precisely located at the Greater Zurich Area. One simple reason that Winterthur is recommended as one best city to explore is that become the sixth largest city in Switzerland. If you look it thoroughly, having a day here is suitable for photographing. A romantic atmosphere of the city environment able to bring visitor flash back to his sweet memory. Moreover when you see its lake with fresh water, an old brick bridge, and some traditional houses in certain area. Furthermore all is completely good for the natural scenery. […]

Madeira (8)

Madeira A Portuguese Archipelago

It is situated in the southwest of Lisbon in Atlantic Ocean contains a perfect climate. It has an interesting view with lovely scarps which rise dangerously from sea. This island is from 1420. When it was sighted people thought that its mountains give the signals of the gate of Hell.This Island has very different six climate zones with combination of beautiful plants and flowers, if we compare this island with Hawaii. […]

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