London Eye (8)

London Eye A Ferris Wheel In London – UK

London Eye Travel Guide

Have you ever felt to see the famous giant  London’s eye Ferris wheel? London Eye is very modern and spectacular architecture in the world. Swing in the air with served the beautiful town of United Kingdom. This giant wheel is precisely located at Jubilee Garden in the South Bank. It has approximately 123 meter tall structure and was built as part of London’s millennium celebrations. […]

British Museum

British Museum, Human History And Culture Museum

Traveling around England will not be complete if you forgot to visit British museum. It is open every day at 10.00-17.30. So many attractive antiques you will find there. All of them contain high artistic value which starts with the real antique items to the modern artistic arts. The exterior of the building is so great with ancient Romam style, shown by some huge pillars. […]

Buckingham Palace (8)

Buckingham Palace, Official London Residence

Have you ever visit a really exclusive and high level place? Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence and is used to receive and entertain guest on state. The place is quite luxury and rich. You must be easy to imagine how great this place, moreover when you  have a special change to visit and explore what impressive things saved inside. […]

Tower Bridge (3)

Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge History

Tower Bridge London is a very known and famous place in the world. Its significance is very immense in the history of London, UK. People come to all over the world to see this fascinating place. Tower Bridge located on the river Thames of London, the overpass was constructed back in 1894 since than it is enlisted as the best well known bridges in London.  It is also often recognized as the London Bridge which is very famous; it has been featured in many Hollywood movies.


Montenegro (5)

Montenegro A Country In Southeastern Europe

Montenegro is a country which is situated in the Europe south eastern part. Towards the north east Serbia is situated, to the east Kosovo, towards the west Croatia, towards the north east Herzegovina. These all are the neighbors of your countries. On year 2006 3 June, it got independent. It contains the population of 650,000. AS the name of this country get the black mountain because it contains Dark Mountain forest which covers the land. The mountain which we found here were natural fortress that helped this country to maintain their independence. […]

Newgrange (6)

Newgrange Is An Ancient Monument In Ireland

Newgrange is the most famous prehistoric monument in Irish, and one of the finest European passage tombs. This monument was discovered accidentally by the removal of the material for road metal ling in 1966. Newgrange was originally built about 3100 BC and today is in a much restored form. It is consist of a vast stone and turf mound about 85 cm in diameters and 13.5 m high, containing a passage leading to a burial chamber. Today, Newgrange become one of the favorite historical tourist place should be visited as its beautiful area. […]

Barcelona Spain (11)

Barcelona Spain, Capital City Of Catalonia

Visiting Spain is not completed unless you visit Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. What makes you obliged to visit it is that the fourth most creative city in the world. What are the creative thing there? Surely you will definitely find many art buildings with ancient classics of castle style which most has unique and huge shape. […]

Chamonix great view France

Chamonix Mont Blanc Sports Destination in France

Chamonix is located at the Haute Savioe department of the Rones Alphen region of south-east France and has a reputation as the European capital of extreme adventure sport. This is a best reason why they get so many visitor especially at winter because they desiring to try skiing. Be brave to try some extreme sport there, or you can only explore the famous ski and valley Blanche with a mountain guide.So it is good idea to have a fun and relax day at Chamonic since they also has good relaxing side in form Afternoon Tea and Spa. […]

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