Buckingham Palace, Official London Residence

Have you ever visit a really exclusive and high level place? Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence and is used to receive and entertain guest on state. The place is quite luxury and rich. You must be easy to imagine how great this place, moreover when you  have a special change to visit and explore what impressive things saved inside.

Buckingham Palace (1)Buckingham Palace main gate

Buckingham Palace (6)Buckingham Palace London flowers

Buckingham Palace Guide

Buckingham Palace is actually easy to find since located  between the Green Park ,Hyde Park and St. James Park. If three another are good public tourist places with informal situation, but this great Buckingham Palace is specially provided for formal visit tour. The first attraction of the palace is the yard which tiddly structured with many official guards in some parts. And also the beautiful garden fulled with many colors of flowers decors the main park in front of the building.

Buckingham Palace (7)Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace (9)Buckingham Palace guards

An official tour start open to visitor during August and September while the Queen make her annual visit to Balmoral. The tour will pass three main places such 19 state room, a ballroom and garden. A state room is applied to those room that were designed and built as the public room of the palace. But today, the state room here is used to extensively by the Queen and member of the royal family to receive and entertain their guest on state, ceremonial and official occasion. While the ballroom has been used variously as a concert hall for a memorial concert and performance of the arts and it is a regular venue for investitures of which there are usually 21 a year – nine in spring, two in summer and ten in winter.

Buckingham Palace (4)Buckingham Palace interior

Buckingham Palace (5)Buckingham Palace main gate

Buckingham Palace (8)Buckingham Palace cloudy view

There still another attraction places should know in tour, for example, the Picture Gallery where some of greatest painting in the Royal Collection are saved. The Picture Gallery has always served as one the Palace’s principal room for official entertaining. The hang in the wall was changed regularly , as the Queen lend many paintings to exhibition around the UK and overseas. The, the garden here that can be enjoyed at the end of the tour is divided into two part, Garden Cafe and Garden Shop. For visitor who looked for an exclusive gift can come to Garden shop. All the items are inspired by the work of art in Royal Collection. While, for the Garden Cafe offers a moment of relaxation and refreshment with a coffees, sandwiches, pastries, and other special created from Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace (3)
Buckingham Palace (2)Buckingham Palace inside


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