British Museum, Human History And Culture Museum

Traveling around England will not be complete if you forgot to visit British museum. It is open every day at 10.00-17.30. So many attractive antiques you will find there. All of them contain high artistic value which starts with the real antique items to the modern artistic arts. The exterior of the building is so great with ancient Romam style, shown by some huge pillars.

British MuseumBritish Museum main entrance staircase

British MuseumBritish Museum inside view of corridor

Meanwhile its more different with the interior because of the modern style, very far from the outside appearance, the interior has wide room enough and bright light make it looks more modern. Some interesting offers are like cafes and restaurants, can Manahan visitor keep happy exploring the places with full stomach.

British MuseumBritish Museum inside

British Museum

The main thing to do there is only seeing and learning about the history items. If you are already familiar with historic items, then you should know some attractive exhibitions and events held there. There are many high values items of the exhibition like Wise Man from the East, Roman War Games, The Racial Reconstruction of Richard III, etc. But, you may like to see the newest exhibition of Beyond El Dorado. Here visitor will be invited to explore back to European last centuries by dazzling legend of El Dorado. All and everything are about magnifying gold. While the other hand, one example of best event recently open is Discover Ancient Columbia. Many of great ancient of Columbia’s art satisfied visitors, discovering the legend of El Dorado with a program of lectures, films, workshops, and family activities.

British MuseumBritish Museum main lobby

British MuseumBritish Museum tourists attraction

You not only bring your children learn and study everything about art of the world, but at British Museum also provide learning program for adult. If you want your children understand about play and art, and then you can register for season learning. Different with adult one which learn more about how high arts of world are made. They will know deeply about artifacts and more will be learned by some arts expert at British Museum.  Besides, there still some family events that make situation more fun such as making Viking comic, card game workshop and El Dorado animation. As what most people say that spending at here is best idea especially for family because you are not only seeing many famous arts creations, but also get much useful knowledge about world’s arts.

British MuseumBritish Museum at night

British Museum
British MuseumBritish Museum UK

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