Barcelona Spain, Capital City Of Catalonia

Visiting Spain is not completed unless you visit Barcelona, the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain. What makes you obliged to visit it is that the fourth most creative city in the world. What are the creative thing there? Surely you will definitely find many art buildings with ancient classics of castle style which most has unique and huge shape.

Barcelona Spain (11)Barcelona Spain park guell

Barcelona Spain (3)Barcelona Spain Sagrada Família

Not even just that, it is also provide fun National Park that become one that relied. To get around, city provides some good public transportations to make them easy to explore the city, by using taxi’s which the tax rated is depend on whether, day or night. Next you can try buses that cover 106 routes. Or another option are like Barcenola’s fast train called ‘Rodalies’ and Metro, the excellent underground transport service.

Barcelona Spain beachBarcelona Spain beach

Barcelona Spain (6)Barcelona Spain

What to see in the city is  that really important to know consist on many attraction places. But few of them that you may interested in are like Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, The Gothic Quarter, Palau De La Musica Catalana and still many others.  Sagrada Familia or The Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family, is best known of a church work in the world.

Barcelona Spain (10)Barcelona Spain at  night

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This building has been constructed since 1882 and they have still  got another 30 to 80 years to go before it will be finished. Casa Mila become hits of top ten attraction in city which has characteristic wavy brick work and colourful tile as a prove tha evidence of Antonio Gaudi’s mastrepiece. What is called The Gothic Quarter, the city nucleus that has undergone  many changes over time,  which explain why you can find a sculpture from  1995 next to a 10th century building. Meanwhile, traveller also love to visit Palau De LaMusica Catalana because it is a big theatre or concert hall, one of the most fascinating architectural jewels of the Modernista movement. It really must see when you are at Barcelona.

Barcelona Spain beachBarcelona Spain beach

There still another number of attraction sightseeing in Barcelona Spain that include The Magic Fountain, Barcelona Cathedral, The Ramblas, Auditorium, and etc. Beside, having fun at city is good idea since they provide magnificent shopping, with a great variety of shops offering something  for everybody. Local product to the best designer product are available there. Capital of Catalonia also offers a host of opportunities to enjoy visitor leisure time by visiting Zoo, Aquarium, CosmoCaixa and surely Cinemas.

Barcelona Spain mapBarcelona Spain map

Barcelona Spain (8)Barcelona Spain Park guell colorful walls

Barcelona Spain (9)Barcelona Spain city buildings at night

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