Ayers Rock In The Southern Part Of The Northern Territory In Central Australia

Ayers rock which is known as Uluru. It is the famous natural land mark of Australia. It boast the statistics and has very lavish landscape. By the William Gosse the Uluru is named as the Ayers rock in year 1873 and it have been area of Abrogines over the 10,000 years. At the end of the sea it sat and now it stands above the ground around the 348m.

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Ayers Rock (7) The ayers rock is around 1.9 km wide and 3.6 km long and the steep of the stone is 1.6 km. it is much at a steep angle,the summit of this ayers rock is flat. The surface is made up of very different shapes which were made over many years ago. if you want to take the Uluru walk it will take around 10 km which can be done in 3.5 hours. This Ayers rock is situated away from Alice spring which is in mid of Australian outback. It is the sacred place for Abroginis people .

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Ayers Rock (3) This Ayers rock is an island mountain which is isolated bump which spread over the dry and hot plains. This rock has no vegetation and eroded valleys. This place is along with the rocks, water holes, springs and ancient paintings. Due to the surface of oxidation of iron content it hits with the orange-red color otherwise it looks grey. In year 1987 this was listed on the natural heritage and then in year 1997 it was put on the world heritage site. In the few places this rock has listed in two listings in world.

It has the awesome feature with aparting at bedding surface and its homegenity as well which lead to the lack of progress of soil and screen slopes. Over all this ayers rock or you can say uluru as well give you a very good experience about many things. It is one of the tourists destination in Australia. Many ourists come to see this place to see very panormic views. people love it and want to come again and again.

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