Aruba Is An Island In Caribbean Sea

Aruba is about 33 kilometer Long Island of Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea which is situated around 17 miles north of coast of Venezuela. ABC islands is a combination of Curacao, Bonaire and Venezuela. Aruba and many other Dutch islands are popularly known as Netherland Antilles. Also it is one of the constituent countries which forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The inhabitants share the same nationality which is “Dutch” also for Saint Maarten and Curacao. The Island has no administrative office of its own. The capital of island is Oranjestad.

 Aruba beachesAruba beaches – beautiful view

The beach is having a very dry climate which is arid and cactus-strewn landscape. Many tourists from northern region come here to enjoy the sunny warm weather. Aruba is having an area of 180 square km. There is approximately a total population of 101,484 people. It lies right outside the hurricane belt.

 ArubaAruba beach Arial view

The standards of the people living in the island region is very high. The employment rate is very low in Aruba. The GDP is estimated to be $21,800. The main trading partners are Netherlands, United States and Venezuela.

Aruba beaches (7)Aruba Island a beautiful view in day light

 Aruba tourism industry is the main industry and primary source of income. The other major four industries are gold, mining, petroleum refining, aloe expert, phosphate mining and Arend Petroleum Maatschappii Shell Company.

 ArubaAruba Arial view of the white sand

Most of tourists are from United States, South America, Venezuela, Colombia and Netherland. No visas are needed by the Dutch candidates to travel, just a passport is enough. Euros is the main currency used which can be easily exchanged at any local bank.

 Aruba mapAruba map

 As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, citizens of (mainland) the Netherlands can travel with relative easily to Arubian side of the island called the Dutch Antilles. Even no visas are required for Dutch residents, only a passport, and although the currency used in the beach is different then the (Netherlands has the Euro), Currencies like Euros are still not widely accepted but can be easily exchanged at a local bank for Arubian Florins. There is also a service for private jets.

 Aruba flagAruba flag

 Aruba beautiful islandAruba very good place to spend vacations

 Aruba mapAruba maps for vacation destinations

 Aruba beachesAruba vacations

 Aruba girl on beachAruba girl walking on the white sand

 ArubaAruba resorts for the vacations residents

 ArubaAruba beach – beautiful tree

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