Aquapark Tatralandia, Slovakia – Europe

Aquapark Tatralandia Overview

If you want your ideal holiday so you should go there. Aquapark is the biggest area of aqua in Slovakia, with adjustment with Poland and Czech Republic. For all the age groups it is attracted because it has very different attractions.

They give you the facility of 8 long thermal pools with mineral water in Aquapark so that your skin won’t be infected. Their water temperature is about 28 to 39 degrees so people easily are comfortable in water. Every day there are different aqua competitions, for sport lovers, even you can try the facility of aquaerobic, it is a very good exercise for health.

Aquapark (1)Aquapark Tatralandia water slides

Aquapark (6)Aquapark Tatralandia girl posing

Their pool attraction is superb. They have 11 thermal pools during summer with 2 new pool contains aquamarine attraction like water beds, water mushroom, pool swings, volley ball, bathing pool and many more. Here in this park you will find water pool as well, don’t be scared it is a water slide which is the biggest slide in Slovakia, you will roller coasting slide as well, free fall slide which is the rising slide and many other attractions which will give you a surety of full of fun and entertainment.

Aquapark (8)Aquapark map

Aquapark (3)Aquapark Tatralandia pools people enjoying

Besides these all facilities you will find there massage baths, saunas which is the outstanding place for your relaxing in Aquapark Tatralandia. Main thing people want the perfect relaxation which can be given by a fine massage where you leave your all worries.

Aquapark (4)Aquapark Tatralandia,  Slovakia – Europe

Aquapark (2)Aquapark

Every day there is something new, there reception is 24 hours running, there terrace is heated during collateral program besides this you will see their parking places, mini markets, sport places, exchange offices, nursery and contact zoo.. They have a convention hall also for entertainment. Original place is for their working sessions, for meetings and for relaxing as well.

Over this entire park is full of fun and entertainment. It will provide you all comfort facilities which it is needed. For all age groups, it is very lovable place, either children, teenagers or for aged. Main thing they will provide you all lovely rides which are so much thrill and full of fun.

Aquapark (7)Aquapark Aerial view

Aquapark (9)Aquapark Tatralandia kids enjoying in pool

Aquapark (5)Aquapark Slovakia


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