Ankara Turkey Is The Second Largest City Of Turkey

Ankara is the second largest city which is also the capital of Turkey. It is situated at the center heart of Turkey. It consists of largest population of 4.5 million. Ankara is one of most important administrative city of Turkey. It is largest university based town which has lots of university youth and government workers. Ankara also consists of major foreign workers and also embassy staff.Ankara TurkeyAnkara Turkey mosque

Ankara is most extensive city where many tourists reside. It is the city where new generation of Turkish people lived. It is more popularly known as symbol of the development, independence and western values.

Anitkabir is an open daily museum which is located at the hill in Anittepe side of the city. There is a mausoleum also situated of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The Museum of the Ataturk and WOI is situated inside the Anitkabie. Turks gives lots of respect of Ataturk and hence millions of tourists and locals visit Anitkabir per annum.Anitkabir Museum

AnitkabirThere are many popular and renowned museums in Ankara, Turkey such as State Art and Sculpture Museum, Ankara Ethnography, Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, ÇengelhanRahmiKoç Museum, Cer Modern, War of Independence Museum, Salt Ulus, Ankara Aviation Museum, TCDD Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum, MTA Science and Technology Museum and MTA museum of natural History.

Ankara Castle is situated above Ulus. If you want to discover the castle, the best way is to explore the beautiful place on foot. Near the clock tower lies the main gate. Once entering the main gate, there are many buildings of inner castle which are restored. Now there are cafes, restaurants, galleries, souvenir shops etc.Ankara CastleAnkara Turkey temple

Outer castle is also very exciting and attention-grabbing. There is Cengelhan is right opposite the main gate. The old caravanserai was also perfectly restored to its original shape.

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